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  • Contact if you have had any dealings personally or know of someone who has been treated for serious medical conditions by MSB-Holistics, Randy McCreary or the Charltons of Buffalo, NY. This includes residents of Canada and States other than New York who have been scammed by these people.
  • MSB-Holistics comes to University of Waterloo

    QXCI promoter Randy McCreary came up from Buffalo to deliver an informal talk at the University of Waterloo's Conrad Grebel College on March 20, 2004. He asked me if I was basically going to disrupt the presentation, and I told him that I was basically there to learn. So, the entire presentation was nothing more than a story about his family and the TRUTH. There were between 13-15 students and two non-students who came to hear him speak, along with one or two other people, who I assume were from his organization. They were not introduced to the crowd. During the formal presentation he made no mention of any device or machines. Even when asked by students he skirted the issues. I don't know what went on after I left the meeting room after the formal presentation.

    The original announcement was placed in The Record on Saturday March 13.

    Saturday, March 20, 2004 Holistic Health Seminar Explaining holistic approach to medicine, developments in alternative health treatments; featuring speakers from MSB Holistics; 2 - 5 p.m.; free, 884-0514, Conrad Grebel University College, Academic Building, Room 1101, 140 Westmount Rd. N., Waterloo

    The phone number 519-884-0514 is at a house near the University of Waterloo, where Doug Friesen lives. He is the one who apparently arranged for the seminar at Conrad Grebel.

    MSB-Holistics Dubious Claims

    The MSB Holistics group from Buffalo, NY has a web presence that is quite disturbing to me.

    • MSB-Holistics home page - July 2, 2008
    • MSB-Holistics home page - Dec 10, 2006 - Why is there such a difference?

    • Explanation of the MSB Micro-Molecular Energetic Analysis - December 10, 2006 - They say that they are not medical doctors. Well, that's an understatement. Instead he uses "Neurotherapeutic Counselors, Wellness and Nutritional Consultants" who are trained as biofeedback specialists. Did they forget to mention Randy McCreary's mailorder diploma? Who the hell would sign one of their disclaimers that would hold them "harmless" should you die after going to see one of their non-medical people.?
      I, ___________________________________, hereby knowingly, specifically and 
      voluntarily agree that should I fail to hold MSB HOLISTICS LLC 
      and/or its employees harmless or cause any action to be brought 
      against them, I will pay MSB HOLISTICS ONE MILLION ($1,000,000) 
      U.S. DOLLARS over and above the amount sought plus all 
      costs incurred to support and enforce this agreement 
      against MSB HOLISTICS LLC and/or its employees. 
      I will make this payment within thirty (30) calendar days of the 
      commencement of any action against said service providers. 
      Failure to make full payment will result in my forfeiture of 
      all assets and subsequent incarceration for seven (7) years for 
      breach of contract.

    • MSB Holistics link to Island Sun offshore banking - Why in the world would they be promoting MLM offshore banking? I thought that they were a holistic health clinic. Surprise, surprise folks.
    • MLM - multilevel marketing scheme - Feb 17, 2004
    • What you can and can not do with Island Sun - Feb 17, 2004
    • Legal definitions - Feb 17, 2004
    • Island Sun Marketing's home page - Dec 30, 2004 - You can listen to the wonderful music and relax.

    • Who registered the Island Sun Marketing's web site? - Why it's none other than Ron Charlton. And the address for the registration is that same as that of MSB Holistics in Buffalo. But, where do the member of the Charlton family live?

      If you join Island Sun Marketing it costs you $160 USD to join, and then $30 USD per month to maintain your position. Now what do you get for that money? And, more importantly, what do the Charlton's and Randy McReary get? Hmmm....that's the real question. And, where does all the money actually go?

    • MSB-Holistics News
    MSB Holistics LLC, is an Alternative Integrative Medical Facility,
    specializing in the reversal of diagnosed chronic disease conditions.
    Basic Services:
    Infra-Red Pain Reduction
    Electrical Face Lifts
    Chi Machines
    Applied Kinesiology
    Crystal Therapy
    Chakra Balancing
    Bio-Feedback Analysis
    Stress Reduction
    Deep Relaxation Therapies
    Electro-Medical Regeneration
    Advanced Services:
    Dark Field Microscopy
    Electrical Pre-Diagnostic Evaluations
    Chelation Protocols
    Personal, Marriage & Family Counseling
    Chronic Disease Protocols
    Geopathic Stress Testing Corrections
    Environmental Detoxification
    Plus many other services available...
    Also full retail services on a full range of nutritional supplements, and
    theraputic equipment.
    Work Hours and Fee Schedule
    Office Hours: 9am - 6pm mon - fri
    Allergy Scan $ 80.00
    Darkfield Microscopy $ 80.00
    Dental Scan $ 80.00
    QXCI Biofeedback Scan $ 270.00
    Therapy per hour $ 100.00
    Therapy per 1/2 hour $ 50.00

    More about MSB-Holistics

    I believe that they are involved in providing quack evaluations and treatments to cancer patients in Ontario.

    Randy McCreary and the Charlton's The MSB offices are in Buffalo, but there is an Ontario phone number that appears on linked to them. That phone number belongs to the Charltons.

    C Charlton   
    296 Rose Ave
    Fort Erie, ON L2A 4M1

    Randy McCreary runs a 4,000 sq. ft. clinic in Buffalo and claims that he is:

    Dr. Randy McCreary
    Director of Neurotherapy

    McCreary's false claims

    Randy McCreary, PhD., Canadian Affiliate,
    Director of Education: Neurotherapy Research, and Writer, Lecturer
    Canadian Appointments Only
    PhD., American College of Metaphysical Theology 
    M. Ed., Brock University (Thesis Pending)
    Hons. B.A. Psychology, Brock University
    Completed Research Projects:
    "Commonalities in the Developmental Pathways of Female Eating Disorders and
    Male Juvenile Delinquency: An Issue of Gender or Socialization?"
    "Belief in the Paranormal and its Correlation to Personality Dimensions:
    Especially Openness to Experience and IQ."
    "The Integrity Impulse Model: Its Origins, Development and Efficacy in the
    World of Psychological Wellness."
    "The Integrity Impulse Model and the Implications Held for Invitational
    Education: Benefiting the Educational Environment."
    "Sexual Trauma Abuse as Indicated By Dream Symbolism."
    "Recovered Memories of Sexual Assualt and Correlates with Dimensions of
    "Risk and Resiliency."
    "Head Start Program: A Critical Analysis and Overview of its Effectiveness."
    "Suicide Risk and Prevention."
    Current Research Projects:
    "Diagnosis Accuracy Ratings."
    "Correlation Between Wellness and Disease Precursors in the Blood."
    "Treatment Efficacy in Medically Pre-Diagnosed Disorders: Depression,
    Obesity, Behavioral and Psychological Disorders."
    "Bio-Feedback Devices and their Applicability as Diagnostic Tools."
    "Neurotherapy and its Application Within the Healing Realms of: HIV, ADHD,
    Diabetes, Depression, and Cancer."
    "The Effects of: Exercise, Nutrition, and Alternative Healing Modalities on
    the Reversal of Pre-Diagnosed Medical Conditions."
    Future Outlook:
    He has developed an exciting new approach to Mind, Spirit, and Body
    wellness. This approach emphasizes personal attention to values, holistic
    balance and systemic integrity within each individual.

    Dr. McCreary has created and laid the foundations for more than fifteen (15) research projects within the fields of Neurotherapy, Subtle Energies, and Behavioral Change. In combination with other internationally renown researchers, he is poised to bring national attention to the Neurotherapeutic Approach for the wellness of the Mind, Spirit, and Body.

    Quack devices and their victims
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