Biologie Totale and Ryke Geerd Hamer's German New Medicine criminals prey on cancer victims around the world

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Trick or Treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial

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Trick or Treatment:
by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst

The ultimate verdict on alternative medicine.

Welcome to the world of alternative medicine. Prince Charles is a staunch defender and millions of people swear by it; most UK doctors consider it to be little more than superstition and a waste of money. But how do you know which treatments really heal and which are potentially harmful? Now at last you can find out, thanks to the formidable partnership of Professor Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh. Edzard Ernst is the world's first professor of complementary medicine, based at Exeter University, where he has spent over a decade analysing meticulously the evidence for and against alternative therapies.He is supported in his findings by Simon Singh, the well-known and highly respected science writer of several international bestsellers. Together they have written the definitive book on the subject. It is honest, impartial but hard-hitting, and provides a thorough examination and judgement of more than thirty of the most popular treatments, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, chiropractic and herbal medicine.

In "Trick or Treatment?" the ultimate verdict on alternative medicine is delivered for the first time with clarity, scientific rigour and absolute authority.

Book reviews

How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All

by Rose Shapiro

Suckers reveals how alternative medicine can jeopardize the health of those it claims to treat, leaches resources from treatments of proven efficacy and is largely unaccountable and unregulated. In short, it is an industry that preys on human vulnerability and makes fools of us all.

  • Review by Steven Poole in The Guardian

  • The Cure Within
    A History of Mind-Body Medicine

    by Anne Harrington

    Reviewed by Dr. Jerome Groopman

    In “The Cure Within,” her splendid history of mind-body medicine, Anne Harrington tries to explain why we draw connections between emotions and illness, and helps trace how today’s myriad alternative and complementary treatments came to be. A professor and chairman of the history of science department at Harvard, Harrington has produced a book that desperately needed to be written.

    Snake Oil Science:
    The Truth about Complementary
    and Alternative Medicine

    by R. Barker Bausell

    Millions of people worldwide swear by such therapies as acupuncture, herbal cures, and homeopathic remedies. Indeed, complementary and alternative medicine is embraced by a broad spectrum of society, from ordinary people, to scientists and physicians, to celebrities such as Prince Charles and Oprah Winfrey.

    In the tradition of Michael Shermer's Why People Believe Weird Things and Robert Parks's Voodoo Science, Barker Bausell provides an engaging look at the scientific evidence for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and at the logical, psychological, and physiological pitfalls that lead otherwise intelligent people--including researchers, physicians, and therapists--to endorse these cures.

    The book's ultimate goal is to reveal not whether these therapies work--as Bausell explains, most do work, although weakly and temporarily--but whether they work for the reasons their proponents believe. Indeed, as Bausell reveals, it is the placebo effect that accounts for most of the positive results.

    He explores this remarkable phenomenon--the biological and chemical evidence for the placebo effect, how it works in the body, and why research on any therapy that does not factor in the placebo effect will inevitably produce false results. By contrast, as Bausell shows in an impressive survey of research from high-quality scientific journals and systematic reviews, studies employing credible placebo controls do not indicate positive effects for CAM therapies over and above those attributable to random chance.

    Here is not only an entertaining critique of the strangely zealous world of CAM belief and practice, but it also a first-rate introduction to how to correctly interpret scientific research of any sort. Readers will come away with a solid understanding of good vs. bad research practice and a healthy skepticism of claims about the latest miracle cure, be it St. John's Wort for depression or acupuncture for chronic pain.

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    Terry Polevoy on TV

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    We mourn for Michaela

    Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert
    Nov 14, 1964 - Nov 12, 2005

    Michaela before deathClick on Michaela's picture and follow her husband Gilbert Jakubczyk's story of her misery caused by Hamer and Hamer's deadly sect. The photographs are property of Gilbert Jakubczyk. Some of the medical photographs are by the doctors who had treated Michaela.


    Gilbert Jakubzcyk & Aribert Deckers, 25.12.2005
    (English translation created on November 4, 2006)

    Who is Ryke Geerd Hamer?

    Ryke Geerd Hamer WARNING!!! - New Medicine, an invention of a convicted quack from Europe has made its way to North America. And where else to start but in Quebec. This alternative health movement is now picking up speed in Quebec, where it is called "Biologie Totale". They are heavily recruiting for new believers across North America, but their roots were originally in Germany. The "system", or as some internationally respected experts call it a "cult" is based on the work of a German by the name of Ryke Geerd Hamer. ubious record in Germany where he was arrested for the illegal practice of medicine. Apparently he lives in Spain and is a self-proclaimed natural practitioner, with an official looking certificate, great seal and all.

    "New Medicine" is based on the premise that all diseases (that's right, ALL diseases) are a result of psychological conflicts and that the appearance of symptoms are a result of the body trying to heal. However, as you will see below, there is much more to this, than just "mind control". Some people might agree with this up to a point. But, the average listener, who might be willing to plunk down a few hundred dollars to hear Hamer's talk may not be aware that the roots of the "New Medicine" are in Europe, and that they are steeped in anti-Semitism.

    You will find links to their seminars below.

    I wonder if Alan Borovoy from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association will be there to defend the rghts of the organizers and the speakers to spread misinformation and/or hateful propaganda, should they so choose?

    Biologie Totale scammers from Europe invade Canada and U.S.

    Aribert Decker, an expert on the notorious criminal gang in Europe who flogs cures for many conditions, including cancer and multiple sclerosis, brought us links to a recent program on French CBC network. The English news was very short and gives you a flavour of what theses criminals are up to in Canada. They are also known as the German New Medicine.

    Links to Biologie Totale and German New Medicine

    TV coverage

    • CBC TV - Montreal English news video
    • Radio Canada TV - extensive French language coverage. Aribert Decker stated, "After a year of preparation and investigations French Radio Canada now broadcasted on October 2, 2008 an "Enquête" report about "Biologie Totale", an insane, murderous "therapy" based on the insane, murderous "Germanische Neue Medizin" of insane criminal Ryke Geerd Hamer. Some of the European criminals try to escape to the USA, Canada, and some other countries. Beware!"

      These French video links require Media Player.

    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
    • Part 5

    "New Medicine" around the world

    Hamer's alleged credentials

    New Medicine Events and Registration

    Toronto herbalist linked

    Iridology nonsense is part of the routine here

    Why would Peter Laker and Ilsedora Laker associate with New Medicine?

    Don't they run a legitmate herbal medical practice?


    You don't even have to see them face to face. You can have a go at an herbal cure over the phone, or by just going to their web site. And don't forget, they take credit cards, too. How convenient.

    Just fill in the questionnaire on-line, whip out your credit card, and they are more than willing and able to provide you with specific recommendations. But, what about all of those disclaimers?

    "Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Natural Health Products Directorate, Health Canada and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

    Are they worried about being sued or are they just trying to be politically correct? Well, if they are trying to be politically correct on this internet site where they stand to show a nice profit, then why did they get involved with the people from Quebec? Is there a possibility that they too, like Libby Gardon of the CHOC, have no bloody idea of what some people who are so-called experts in alternative medicine are all about? I suggest that you might get the answer by calling them and ask a few simple questions questions.

  • Contact Peter Laker in Toronto for information:
     Herbs & Health Naturally
    6022 Yonge St
    Toronto, ON M2M 3V9
    Phone: 416-221-1662

    Seminar Sponsors

  • Why worry about New Medicine?

    Warren Kinsella's Web of Hate Warren Kinsella is the author of 'Web of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network.' It was first published by Harper Collins in 1996, was a national bestseller, and has won numerous awards, including the Ottawa Citizen Best Book Award. The third updated and revised edition of Web of Hate was released in 2001.

    Dirk Hamer's thoughts on cancer from one English language site. Pay attention to the phrase "Iron Rules of Cancer":

    • The New Medicine of Dr Hamer - Dirk Hamer Syndrome Dr Hamer had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy, by far the highest I have seen of any therapy. During one of several trials of the persecuted Dr Hamer the public prosecutor (Wiener-Neustadt in Austria) had to admit that after 4 to 5 years 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive. That is over 90%, almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions.

  • Google search :"Dirk Geerd Hamer" and English

  • Letter from Dirk Hamer to Chairman for the central Jewish advisory council in Germany, Mr. Paul Spiegel. "New Medicine is now 20 years in existence and has officially and publicly verified 27 times. This is only possible with a natural science, like the New Medicine. It is impossible with the ca. 5000 hypotheses of the school of medicine. The New Medicine has a survival rate, e.g. by cancer of 98%. The medical-pseudo therapy school has a mortality rate of 98% with chemo, radiation and morphine (according to the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany).

  • Dr. Hamer's New Medicine as seen by web site called That site is registered on the internet in Berlin, Germany by Ulla Schmid.

  • Faith in obscure cancer therapy - A woman died an agonizing death from cancer. She believed in the rare methods of "New Medicine." She refused treatment after a mastectomy and was found by her mother who comments: "A skeleton covered with skin was lying there, an old woman of 90 years. The fattest thing on her was her arm. She had unspeakable pain. As I washed her I saw that her left side from her breast to her back was a single, searing, infected stinking wound with deep gashes." She cried without stopping."

  • Radio interview - Toronto (station not listed) "The great problem now is to make sure that our patients are able to receive treatment by this wonderful medicine and to raise the survival rate to 95%. I hope to find honest, upright citizens here in Canada who will, for the sake of the patients, help to put an end to this most horrible and vile scourge in the history of humankind."

  • Jewish-conspiracy nuts soar to new heights of lunacy - by Tor Bach and Kristin Gronii - From the web site - A Norwegian watchdog of religious intolerance.

    Quote of the Day

    "THE JEWS have killed two billion people with morphine, chemotherapy and radiation treatment according to the so-called "The New Medicine" cult that has begun to establish itself in Norway. It preaches that cancer sufferers should eschew conventional treatment in favour of therapists who "heal", while the patients cough up the cash." Comments from Tor Bach and Kristin Gronii Hamer, who served 19 months' jail in Germany for illegal practice of medicine, is currently living in exile in Spain and still practising his barmy ideas. According to the medical magazine, The Lancet, he has a following of around 3,000 people there, and Spanish doctors hold him responsible for several tens of deaths of cancer patients Hamer's followers, nevertheless, argue that he deserves the Nobel Prize for medicine and praise him as the Galileo of our times.
  • Pastor Martin Niemoller's Story

    First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up, because I wasnít a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didnít speak up, because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didnít speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me. by Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945

    Links to Jewish Organizations

  • Search ADL (Anti-Defamation League) for "New Medicine"

  • Canadian Jewish Congress - Anti-Semitism page

  • Canadian Jewish Congress - contact page. Let them know how you feel.
  • E-mail Bernie Farber
     Canadian Jewish Congress
    4600 Bathurst Street
    Toronto, M2R 3V2
    Phone: (416) 635-2883 x186
    Fax: (416) 635-1408
  • Ottawa office
     Canadian Jewish Congress
    100 Sparks Street, Suite 650
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  • Resources to help you understand Anti-Semitism

  • The Nizkor Project - Countering Anti-Semitism and Hate in Canada
    by Karen Mock
    Legal/Legislative Remedies and Current Realities Racism, Anti-Semitism and Hate in Canada

  • Yad Vashem - Holocaust Remembrance Day - April 19, 2004
    Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, was established in 1953 by an act of the Israeli Knesset. Since its inception, Yad Vashem has been entrusted with documenting the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust period, preserving the memory and story of each of the six million victims, and imparting the legacy of the Holocaust for generations to come through its archives, library, school, museums and recognition of the Righteous Among the Nations.

  • Prescription For Fascism: Alternative Medicine and Right-Wing Politics - Bethune Institute
    David Lethbridge Increasing numbers of Canadians have begun to embrace a variety of alternative medicines. Propaganda advising parents to refuse vaccinations for their children appear in many health food store, along with pamphlets advising that the fluoridation of water causes insanity, or that the pharmaceutical industry is deliberately producing drugs that kill patients in significant numbers. The irrationality of much of this propaganda simultaneously promotes extreme-right, even fascist politics. This article reminds us all of the CHOC (Consumer Health Organization of Canada) meeting in 2001 where neo-Nazi Eustace Mullins was scheduled to speak. The Total Health Expos have always been full of right-wing conspiracy nuts, and people who could cure cancer with the wave of a magnetic wand, or neon probe.
    But Mullins was different.

  • CHOC - Odd allies - Natural health outfit feeds disciples conspiracy placebo
    NOW Magazine Online -By ENZO DI MATTEO CHOC's invited Eustace Mullins, who trades in New World Order conspiracy theories about Jewish financiers controlling the world, to its Total Health 2001 expo this weekend? Why did protests cause Mullins to be cancelled? What did the CHOC say to the press? Why were Mullins' books removed from Expo? CHOC, under scrutiny, has agreed to remove them. Jews killing Christian babies to drink their blood is a theme in his writings. He has also called Jews "parasites."

  • Total Health Expo organizers and Len Horowitz respond to charges In a nutshell, CHOC is faced with the challenge, like everyone, of having to determine who is, and who is not, racist and/or anti-Semitic. Hate mongers rather than peacemakers on the far right and far left drive the issue atop organizations that justify their existence, promote their special interests, and milk cash cows of publicity along the way. (Follow the links at the bottom of this URL for archives of newspaper articles).

  • Willis Carto - Institute for Historical Review and more anti-Semitic health related political movements: Carto's Liberty Lobby, based in Washington, D.C., and nominally headed by Colonel Curtis B. Dall (a former son-in-law of President Franklin D. Roosevelt), enjoyed friendly ties with conservative congressmen. It published a weekly tabloid, 'The Spotlight,' which by 1979 enjoyed a paid circulation of almost 200,000 (Circulation peaked at 315,000 in 1981 and had fallen to about 90,000 by 1992. George & Wilcox, 260). Its articles championed income-tax rebels, protested the plight of family farmers, and promoted quack cancer cures such as laetrile. Its favorite political targets included the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the 'Zionist entity' in Palestine." (King, 39-40)

    Does this stuff have a familiar ring to it folks?

    The Tax Tyranny and Health Freedom zombies in Canada and the U.S. are not going to be very happy. What will Hulda Clark and her merry band of zappers have to say? Will they be jealous and fear competition from the German invaders? Perhaps the one with the most to lose will be Mr. O'Neill of the CCRG in Ottawa. But then again, perhaps not. As for the rest of the cancer scammers.....

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