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    Doctors can be Quacks, too

    Retired Toronto professor jumps on the di Bella Gravy Train

    • Canada's only Di Bella cancer clinic a very lonely place - David Helwig - CMAJ - October 17, 2000One year after Canada's first Di Bella method (DBM) cancer clinic opened in Toronto's Italian district, the number of patients it has attracted can be counted on 2 hands. In fact, 1 hand might do the trick.

      At the Canadian Cancer Society, medical affairs director Dr. Barbara Whylie was unwilling to express direct criticism of the Di Bella treatment. Whylie said the society recognizes the growing public interest in complementary cancer therapies and supports the right of patients to make their own decisions about treatment. (This doctor has no backbone. Why didn't she tell David Helwig that the di Bella "cure" actually increases the morbidity and mortality of patients?)

    • Search BMJ for Di Bella - numerous links with published research and critiques.

    • A cure for quacks - New Scientist - last december a judge in Maglie, a small town in southern Italy, decreed that the country's health service must pay for cancer patients to take an expensive, untested remedy promoted by a retired physiologist named Luigi Di Bella. The treatment's unanimous rejection by scientists, the judge ruled, was not a good enough reason to deprive patients of it.

      The decision was not peculiarly Italian. Jerry Green, a doctor who is promoting the Di Bella treatment in Toronto, says that politicians in North America could come under the same public pressure to pay for it.

      (It's too bad that the author of the article failed to identify Dr. Green as having had his medical license taken away from him.)

    • Aaron Malkin, the father of two oncologists really believes there is something to the quack cure for cancer. He's opened up a clinic. Please note that he graduated medical school in Manitoba in 1949 before you take him up on his "cure".

    Three doctors adopt Di Bella method

    Globe and Mail - CP Press

    August 31, 1998

    TORONTO - Three Toronto doctors have started to treat cancer patients with the controversial technique of Italian doctor Luigi Di Bella, although they may be courting trouble with the regulatory body that governs physicians in Ontario.

    The doctors, all of whom practice alternative medicine and one of whom has already seen his licence removed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, began offering the treatment this summer in response to patient demand.

    The doctors say that they do not agree with the Canadian medical establishment's negative assessment of the treatment and that if there is any chance that Dr. Di Bella's drug-and-vitamin mixture can help people, patients should be able to try it without having to travel to Italy.

    "While I can't endorse it officially, I feel compelled to provide it to people who have tried everything else," said Dr. Fred Hui, who recently returned from Italy where he became the first North American physician to train under Dr. Di Bella.

    "Doctors shouldn't be telling people what they can and can't have," said Dr. Jerry Green, who is working in partnership with Dr. Ravi Devgan to provide the treatment. While Dr. Green can legally practice alternative medicine even though he no longer has a licence, he cannot do such things as write prescriptions or order X-rays.

    A spokesman for the Ontario regulatory college said that while little can be done to stop physicians from using the Di Bella method, the college is very concerned about some of the things it is hearing about the way in which patients are receiving treatment.

    Jill Hefley, manager of public affairs and communications for the college in Toronto, said it has some concerns in the area of professional misconduct.

    Jerry Green still uses M.D. and Dr.
    even though he doesn't have a license

    July 13, 1998

  • Italians will get di Bella treatment from Gerry Green who lost his medical license years ago.

    Di Bella Method Still Effective

    Do not believe the recent reports about the Di Bella method such as the report in the Globe and Mail on July 10. The news report in the Toronto Star on page A2 of the same day is more accurate. Italian MP Joe Volpe points out that the so called news is based on a old April report and has nothing to do with the current clinical trials in Italy. Do not expect these clinical trials to be accurate. Establishment doctors are conducting them. They have been at war with doctors offering alternatives to the "mainstream" such as Dr. Di Bella for years. It is akin to asking the fox to report on the number of chickens in the hen house.

    Ravi Devgan finally put out of business

  • Google search of HealthWatcher.net for Ravi Devgan