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    Ravi Devgan Alert

    Ravi Devgan mug shot from Toronto Police ServicesRavi Devgan died while in a Kingston, Ontario prison. The Whig-Standard reported his death on December 2, 2008.

    Ravi Devgan, while awaiting sentencing, continued to see patients after his conviction for fraud in October 2007.

    Why he was allowed to continue to operate after his conviction is a mystery. Will the judge who sentenced him to three years now add more jail time? Or will the public now have to wait for yet another trial. He's been in the public spotlight for over a decade, he's been stripped of his medical registration, he's been finally convicted and sentenced for egregious crimes.

    So, we are back to square one. The Toronto police have once more had to charge this disgraced former MD with fraud and breaching court orders for allegedly practising holistic and naturopathic medicine for which he is not licensed, police said.

    Devgan provided medical treatments to patients who suffered from various medical conditions, including cancer, police said. Investigators believe the doctor has received thousands of dollars for treatments and injections offered to cure the patients' illnesses.

    I wonder how much money Devgan has stashed off-shore over the years. Most of the money, if not all of it, was probably in cash. Has Revenue Canada ever attached his assets? Will the people who have been ripped-off by Devgan via other means ever be compensated?

    Ravi Devgan, 57, of no fixed address, has been charged with:

    • Fraud over $5000; and
    • Three counts of breaching his recognizance.
    Devgan had offices in a number of locations within the Greater Toronto Area, and as far away as California, police said. Investigators believe Devgan may have been treating a number of other patients with serious illnesses.

    Anyone who may ripped off by Devgan in any way is urged to immediately contact:

    If you or your family member were treated for any health problems by Ravi Devgan over the last three years, please contact us with your story.

    Please contact HealthWatcher if you have information that would be helpful.


    Note the word "allegedly" that was used in the police press release. Since when is it against the law to practice "holistic" medicine? If that were the case then every health food store, and quack practitioner would be behind bars, or awaiting trial.

    There have never been any arrests by Toronto Police Services for practicing "holistic medicine" in the past. And certainly, the naturopaths must really be pissed off that the person who issued the press release actually used the term "naturopathic medicine" in a sentence.

    My recommendation to the Toronto Police is that they check with someone who knows the law before they issue statements like this!!!!

    How can Devgan have no fixed address? Does he just roam around in a Volkswagon Microbus or panel van with his lovely picture on the side? Maybe he rented a hotel room, or camped out in a Provincial Park and his victims came to him. Did the recent scam also target unsuspecting immigrants?

    Finally, who are the individuals who have helped Devgan over the years escape justice? Why haven't they been charged?

    Ravi Devgan sentenced to three years

  • Convicted MD sentenced for defrauding farmer of $30,000 - Toronto Star - October 12, 2007

    Man's disabled kids got sheep fetus injections

    A disgraced Toronto doctor has been sentenced to three years in jail for defrauding a Mennonite family out of thousands of dollars for sheep fetus injections to treat their severely disabled twins.

    "He preyed on vulnerable patients for his own financial gain," Justice Carolyn Horkins said, rejecting Ravi Devgan's request that he be spared incarceration.

    "If Mr. Devgan is allowed to serve his sentence in the community he will in my view endanger the safety of the community," she said.

  • Crooked MD jailed - Toronto SUN - October 12, 2007

    Preyed on vulnerable patients for financial gain

    An "incorrigible" former Toronto doctor, stripped of his licence for preying on terminal cancer patients with expensive but useless treatments, was sentenced to three years in prison for bilking a cash-strapped Mennonite couple in a similar fashion.

    "He preyed on vulnerable patients for his own financial gain," said Madam Justice Carolyn Horkins, who also ordered Ravi Devgan, 60, to pay Jacob and Maria Harms $7,557.

    Devgan had promised the Wallaceburg couple that their 12-year-old twins, Jake and Willy, who have cerebral palsy, would walk and talk again if they took his costly treatment program, Horkins said.

    "Clearly, he is incorrigible and has a total lack of respect for the governing body of the medical profession," Horkins said in her judgment. "The public is at risk when a person like Mr. Devgan, whose licence was revoked, con tinues to hold himself out as a doctor and treats patients. This creates the risk of harm."

    Devgan found guilty of fleecing Mennonite couple from Wallaceburg

  • Ravi Devgan took $30,000 from a Wallaceburg couple


    July 5, 2007

    TORONTO -- A disgraced former Toronto doctor, already stripped of his medical licence for scamming terminal cancer patients, was found guilty yesterday of fleecing a poor Chatham-Kent Mennonite family.

    Ravi Devgan promised Wallaceburg residents Jacob and Maria Harms their sons -- Jake Jr. and Willy Harms, now 12, who have cerebral palsy -- would walk and talk again if they took his costly treatment program, said Justice Carolyn Horkins.

    She found the 59-year-old guilty of four counts of fraud and assault with a weapon for injecting the wheelchair-bound twins in 2004.

    This is similar to what in 2004 cost Devgan his licence: He preyed on dying cancer patients, selling them on costly but useless treatments.

    Devgan investigated for scamming Mennonite couple after losing his right to practice medicine in Ontario

    Doctor arrested in fraud investigation (Ravi Devgan)

    Toronto Police Service
    News release

    Doctor arrested in fraud investigation, 32 Division

    Saturday, July 2, 2005

    Detectives from 32 Division have arrested a doctor.

    It is alleged that:

    − he continued to practice after being suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

    − he provided medical treatment over several years to two nine−year−old boys from a Mennonite family living in Wallaceburg who suffer from cerebral palsy.

    −he received thousands of dollars for treatments and injections offered to cure the children's illness.

    Charged with Fraud Over $5,000 is Ravi Devgan, 57, of NFA. (*)

    Devgan had offices in a number of locations from Toronto to the Wallaceburg area. Police believe Devgan has been seeing a number of other patients suffering serious illnesses.

    The accused was scheduled to appear in court on Friday, July 1, 2005, Old City Hall, room 101, at 10 a.m.

    Investigators are asking anyone who may have further information to contact
    Toronto Police 32 Division's Detective Crone at 416−808−3251 or
    Crime Stoppers at 416−222−TIPS (8477) or
    Online at www.222tips.com.

    [The original article never mentioned Devgan's name because of legal concerns, and the fact that he could be criminally charged for fraud and practicing medicine without a license. In my opinion, the CPSO has no power to do anything to Devgan since they took his license away for good after years of doing absolutely nothing about him. It's in the hands of the police. So what else is new with this notorious scamster?]

    Devgan in court again

    • Judge remands Devgan for trial in the Fall - August 15th found that there was indeed enough evidence against Devgan to proceed to trial. Jake Harms, the Mennonite who has stood up against him apparently did very well on the witness stand. He's out on bail, still seeing patients and scamming the multitudes by using homeopathy.

    • Search Toronto SUN for Ravi Devgan
    • Our antique courts Mark Bonokoski - Toronto Sun - May 11, 2005

    Ravi Devgan disciplined by CPSO

    The Discipline Committee found that Dr. Devgan had committed professional misconduct, in that he had a conflict of interest; made misrepresentations respecting the treatments that he offered; and made claims respecting the utility of treatments that are not supported as reasonable professional opinion. The Discipline Committee also found that Dr. Devgan charged a fee that was excessive in relation to the service performed, and committed an act or omission relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.

    Reasons for Penalty

    Physicians practising in Ontario must uphold the core values of the profession. The public deserves to be confident that their doctors will treat them with expertise and honesty. Complementary medicine is not the issue here. A doctor may offer this type of care without compromising core values of the profession and without offering false hope. This Committee believes that in order to uphold the values of the profession and to protect the public, revocation is the only penalty that is appropriate in the circumstances of this case. Dr. Devgan preyed on his most vulnerable patients. The public needs protection from dishonest physicians who use their profession to exploit their patients.


    The Discipline Committee directed the Registrar to revoke the certificate of registration of Dr. Devgan.

    (Dr. Devgan appealed the decision of the Discipline Committee to the Superior Court of Justice.) top

    Ravi Devgan Charged again with Drug Trafficking

    How could an Ontario medical doctor still be writing prescriptions if he didn't have a valid medical license? Not only is he is one of the most well-known cancer quacks in Ontario, he had previously been found guilty by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario of defrauding one of his a patients.

    After the CPSO charged him again in 2003 and tried to revoke his right to practice, this quack fought it in court, and nearly got away with it. But, in February, the CPSO permanently revoked his registration. What the hell took them so long?

    • 2004 Trials for Trafficking - Toronto Star - .doc format After the first trial found Devgan not guilty (the jury was not allowed to hear about his troubles with the CPSO and other things), he was finally plead guilty to trafficking.

    • Devgan associate Sandy Hutchens - A story of religious conversion and other miracles related to Ravi's sordid past.

    • CPSO actions go back many years

    • OPP Press Release
      March 12, 2004

      TORONTO, March 12 /CNW/ - The Ontario Provincial Police, Drug Enforcement Section and Anti-Rackets Section, Health Fraud Team, have charged a Toronto Doctor following an investigation into information that prescription narcotic drugs had been illegally obtained.

      The charges were laid after an investigation revealed that prescriptions had continued to be written after the doctor's medical licence had been revoked in January 2004. The false prescriptions resulted in the dispensing of a controlled substance, primarily the pain killer Oxycodone, with an estimated street value of $400,000.

      Dr. Ravi Devgan, 56, of Toronto, has been charged with seven counts of trafficking in a controlled substance contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, one count of forgery, and one count of uttering a forged document contrary to the Criminal Code. Devgan is also charged with one count of breaching an undertaking contrary to the Criminal Code relating to previous charges of trafficking in a controlled substance for which he is awaiting trial. Devgan is scheduled to appear for a bail hearing at Old City Hall Court in Toronto on Friday, March 12, 2004.

      The OPP Health Fraud Team is a team of OPP investigators dedicated to investigating allegations of fraud, on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, relating to the Ontario Health System.

      For further information: OPP Detective Staff Sergeant D.A. Ross, Anti-Rackets Health Fraud Team, (705) 329-6415

    Dr. Ravi Devgan charged with writing false narcotic prescriptions

    The Globe and Mail
    March 13, 2004
    Mary Nersessian

    A Toronto doctor has been charged with illegally providing prescription drugs after his medical licence was revoked on Jan. 27.

    For the second time in three years, Ravi Devgan, 56, has been charged with writing false prescriptions to receive a controlled substance, primarily the opium-based painkiller oxycodone, with an estimated street value of $400,000. Those charges are still before the court, OPP Detective Staff Sergeant Dave Ross said. Dr. Devgan was arrested on March 11 after a two-week OPP investigation.

    Doctor loses licence after promising cancer cure

    • MD who charged $30,000 in advance can continue to practise pending appeal
    Globe and Mail - Wednesday, July 2, 2003 - Page A16

    Terminal cancer patients came to him for a miracle after exhausting conventional treatment. And physician Ravi Devgan held out hope to at least three of them in exchange for $30,000. For promising a cure with controversial, homeopathic treatments and charging excessive fees from 1997 to 2000, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has pulled his licence to practise in the province.

    The committee found revocation appropriate in Dr. Devgan's case because "preying on vulnerable patients is totally unacceptable to the profession."

    Dr. Devgan has filed for bankruptcy three times in the past two decades despite a gross annual income estimated at about $1-million. Why did the College of Physicians and Surgeons not consider this when numerous complaints were filed against Devgan?

    How did creditors allow Devgan to finance his practices over the years?
    Where did he actually earn his money?

    Until it closed in 2000, Dr. Devgan also ran a clinic in La Jolla, Calif., where he rented a $3.6-million seafront home.

    Dr. Devgan has other legal woes to deal with. He was charged in 2001 with four counts of drug trafficking involving an opium-based prescription painkiller. Those charges are still before the court.

    Old Ravi up to his old tricks

    • Search Google for Ravi Devgan
    • Search Google News for Ravi Devgan
    • MD Before Tribunal for Overcharging Cancer Patients - National Post - June 27, 2003 A doctor who overcharged three dying cancer patients by thousands of dollars for his controversial homeopathic treatment should be punished as severely as if he had sexually assaulted them, a discipline tribunal heard yesterday. Prosecutor Lisa Brownstone argued that Dr. Ravi Devgan's breach of his patients' trust was so deplorable that it rivals that of doctors who abuse their patients with sex or drugs. She urged the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to revoke his medical licence because he has not learned from a previous reprimand and has repeatedly used patients' money to deal with his own financial problems.

    • If you need a Toronto based general practitioner who knows all the ins and outs of all the quack joints in the Western hemisphere and also has a questionable history then he's your man.

    • CPSO disciplinary decision - 2003 - Adobe .pdf format - 19 pagesThe CPSO asked that he surrender his registration. It was appealed of course.

      One of the products he supported, Life Crystal, have been confiscated by the FDA.The Consumer Health Organization of Canada was also involved in that same embargo by the FDA.

      Devgan runs banners on his web site for the Carnivora, a banned quack cancer product. In addition, Devgan displays the official logos of PubMed, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and of course the Moss Reports. He says he has, but does not list his Mexican cancer centres on his web site. I guess that once you've depleted your purse, and taken out a second mortgage on your house, it's about time to go to Tijuana.

      If your cancer demonstrates that it has a deranged electron transfer system, try POLY-MVA. It comes with the recommendations of some of the world's greatest cancer clinics in Tijuana. Pity for us up here in Canada.

      Rachel Stoutt - Ravi's turn here, too. In case you're interested, Ravi also does a job putting tube in the chest of a ten year old child who is involved in an international court battles over whether or not surgery should be done for ulcerative colitis (often associated with colon cancer).


  • Zoom Information Inc. - April 21, 2001

    An Indo-Canadian doctor in Toronto, who offers a mix of conventional and alternative medical treatments to patients, is in hot water - yet again. His history of fraud and bankruptcy" has been front-paged in a national daily, which points out that in spite of his estimated annual earnings of about $1 million, he's declared bankruptcy three times in 20 years - most recently in November 1999. A bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for April 20.

    He is Dr. Ravi Devgan, 53, who graduated from the University of Toronto medical school. He has many unhappy patients from whom he borrowed money or who are demanding their money back, although he also has some happy patients. But Nasim Jiwani is not one of the happy ones and she has been trying for 13 years to get back the money she lent him. She is still trying to collect her $128,900 judgment and says that sum, with interest, comes to just under $1 million.

    Devgan's lawyer, Harry Kopyto, claims that negotiations are going on with her and that he wants to pay back some of his debts. The Ontario Health Ministry and other creditors, who claim that he owes them $3.2 million, have filed their opposition to his bankruptcy discharge. The ministry claims the Devgan owes the government more than $200,000.

    Documents filed in the bankruptcy proceedings show that Devgan estimated his gross income at $860,000, but after expenses, had just $39,500 left. The previous year he got only $55,000 after expenses on a gross income of $1.1 million. Devgan claims he's left with only some $200 after paying all his bills at the end of the month. Devgan has blamed some bad real estate investments for his problems.

    He also claims he spends $100,000 a year on researching new therapies. One former patient who got ripped off by Devgan is Amar Patel from whom he borrowed money time and time again and even made her sign an application for a new first mortgage on her property where she ran a restaurant. She thought it was an $83,000 mortgage, but it turned out to be a $425,000 mortgage.

    In 1993, he pleaded guilty to a charge of professional misconduct before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, for having a conflict of interest in his dealings with Patel as a patient. He received a reprimand and a fine.

    In 1996, in the same matter, he was convicted of defrauding her and of making a false statement by misrepresenting himself as part owner of Patel's restaurant to Nasim Jiwani ( mentioned earlier in this story) in order to get a $98,500 loan.

    Devgan's California clinic closed down a year ago, but he has clinics in Toronto and Tijuana. On his Web site, he claims his mission is to provide cancer patients the knowledge to make informative health decisions and avoiding toxic therapies that poison the human integrity. He then goes on to mention a company that uses natural treatments. A corporation search shows he is the sole director of that company.

    According to an import alert of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Devgan has been listed as having used several unapproved drugs that cannot be brought into the U.S. because they cannot vouch for their safety and effectiveness.

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