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    Stop Quackery U. in Hamilton -
    Reach out to your politicians and educators

    These letters are just a few that we've received that are directed to Allan Rock, Canada's Minister of Health who announced to the world that the Federal governent had earmarked $100 million to build an alternative medical institute in downton Hamilton, Ontario.

    It's your turn to reach Ottawa and Queen's Park

    This was the list of politicians as of August 2001. Of course their names have changed, and some of them have left Parliament. But, just to give you an idea of who was around at the time, this is how it was back in the late summer of 2001.

    The Honourable Minister Rock can be reached (via fax) at:

    Other Federal Ministers' & MP's fax numbers can be found at:

    MP's and MPP's names, addresses, fax numbers, e-mails

    McMaster University links

  • Don't forget to send copies to HealthWatcher

    Health Reports on Alternative Health Care

    National Forum on Health 1997

    • SUMMARY OF PRIORITIES FOR ACTION - Canada Health Action: Building on the Legacy

      Using Better Evidence to Make Better Decisions

      The National Forum on Health has concluded that a key objective for the health sector should be to move rapidly toward the development of an evidence-based health system, in which decisions are made by health care providers, administrators, policy makers, patients and the public on the basis of appropriate, balanced and high quality evidence. In doing so, the potential role of information technology should be explored. The resources required to reach this objective should also be put into place. We recommend, on an urgent basis:

    • that the federal Minister of Health take leadership in the development of an evidence-based system;
    • that a nationwide population health information system be established to support clinical, policy and health services decision making, as well as decision making by patients and the public at large; and
    • that a comprehensive research agenda be developed to address gaps in our current knowledge, and to identify mechanisms to promote analysis, translation, dissemination and uptake so that high quality content is available for the health information system.
    • Canada Health Action: Building on the Legacy

    I don't see any mention in the study that the Federal government should fund or even study alternative health. So, where is Allan Rock coming from? How can he ignore the findings of this national study.

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