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This book will open your eyes. Dr. Sloan is a professor at the Columbia University School of Medicine and he introduces us to the major players in this new area of Christian evangelism. The studies purporting to show any health benefits from going to church or "being religious" are all so flawed as to render them useless. Using his epidemiological knowledge, Sloan carefully shows the reader how one should analyze claims from the media and claims in journals that purport to show a connection between religious behavior and improved health.


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- Oral Chelation Therapy -
Golden Pride

Don't you just love infomercials?

Have you been scammed by the oral chelation folks? How much money have you flushed down the drain when crackpots, with bogus credentials buy time on local radio stations to convince you that you will go to hell if you don't buy their junk. No matter what it is, you now have a chance to get even. Send us your reports on your most favorite flim-flam guy or gal.
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I'm totally snowed in Wingham Are your dairy pipes all clogged? Have you felt dragged out, worried about your next payment on your snow-blower. Well CKNX has a solution for your tired bones, your worried masses. Try listening to Bryan Allen in the morning.

Clean out your arteries with SHMP

Show: Bryan Allen 
Date: December 17, 2002
Time:  9-10 a.m.

Station: CNKX-AM-920 - Wingham, Ontario (They have no web site) E-mail Bryan Allen: Product: Oral Chelation Formula #1 - Canadian version Company name: Golden Pride Intnl. - offices in Florida and Ontario Web site:

Shipping and Mailing operation in Ontario: 6969 McKeown Drive Greely, ON K4P 1A2 613-821-4519

In Listowel, Pamela and Robert Coleman are local sales representatives. Their number was given out a number of times on the show. 565 Elizabeth Street West Listowel, ON N4W 3T9 519-291-2207

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Transcript of broadcast, with comments (in red)

Executive summary:

Oral Chelation Formula #1, is a product that has apparently worked miracles for 20 years in the U.S., and in Canada for 12-13 years. It's sold by distributors who are supported by a company in Florida, that is controlled by a parent company in the U.K. Most of the serious claims made for their oral chelation products are absurd, not supported by any reasonable studies, their ingredients a bewildering mix of bee pollen, royal jelly, and other questionable things. The promotion on Wingham, Ontario radio station CKNX is a prime example of what is wrong with the natural products industry today. Troy Sanford, the South Florida based guru, was paraded out, not only as a registered dietician, but as a naturopathic doctor with a practice. Unfortunately, the claims made for the products, as well as the spokesperson can not be supported. The transcript below is word for word. Enjoy.

Terry Polevoy, MD

Cast of characters

TS: Troy Sanford, Golden Pride International
BA: Bryan Allen, CKNX

Promo before the show begins:

BA: .....It's supposed to flush toxins from your blood and make you feel better. Anyway a Dr. Tory Sanford, a naturopathic doctor and licensed nutritionist will be joining us in just a few minutes to talk about oral chelation therapy, and tell you what it's all about. And how, apparently, this can help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Announcer: You've rewarded us for our work. Thank you for making us Western Ontario's number one country station. "Country 920 CKNX".

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Announcer: You're listening to the talk show on Country 920 CKNX. Now here's Bryan Allen.

BA: .....Well you know most of us have heard about chelation therapy, right? So, we've talked about this on the show in the past. Uhm, it's always been about intravenous chelation therapy, and and this is still a controversial practice, uhm mostly pitting natural medicine against so-called traditional medicine. Some naturopaths are also promoting a form of "oral chelation" therapy to cleanse the blood. Now one of these people is doctor Troy Sanford, doctor of naturopathic medicine, and a registered dietician. And doctor Sanford joins us on the line. Good morning.

TS: Good morning to you, Bryan

BA: Good to have you aboard this morning.

TS: It's a great pleasure to be on your show today.

BA: Ah, Doctor Sanford, let's take a step back. Let's review for the folks that may have forgotten what chelation therapy is all about. Ahm, what is this really, what is this supposed to do?

TS: Well Bryan, it's a way of removing metabolic wastes, heavy metals. If you want to call it occlusions like the doctors do, the sludge, the scale that builds up within your blood vascular system. Chelation is a way of removing that, every single day, and you actually pull it out of your system and you pass it through your kidneys in about two or three hours.

BA: Now this scale, is this for example, is this to remove the particles that, uh, you know that clog the arteries for example?

TS: Absolutely, the calcifications that....Most Canadians die because they get all plugged up with this oxidized fat, with the heavy metals, with calcification. Chelation is a way to remove that.

BA: Now we're somewhat familiar, err, we've dealt with it in the past with the i.v. chelation therapy, where you you put an i.v. line in the person, and you put some, some kind of product into the blood stream directly. Ahhm, now uh we're talking about "oral chelation" therapy. How do the two differ?

TS: Well, we use the same active ingredient, but what we do is we have a formula that comes in a honey base, and a royal jelly base that you can swirl around your mouth and it absorbs through your oral mucosa. It absorbs right through your mouth, it gets right into your blood vascular system. And it's like releasing a PAC MAN into your blood vascular system. And what most of the chelation doctors that I work with say, "Gosh we know that EDTA SHMP works, but getting it into the system..." They think that the only way to get it into the system is to put a needle in your vein and drip it into your system for about three to four hours. You can do it on a daily basis, when it's absorbed right through your mouth, and the daily benefits are wonderful, because it's not so harsh Bryan. That i.v. chelation is great, but it's also very harsh on the system. We have a very, very gentle formula. It's something so easy, and it taste wonderful, you can do it on a daily basis, and then you'll start to notice benefits over the first thirty days.

BA: Now you don't swallow this then?

TS: No sir, you just swirl it around in your mouth for about 15-20 seconds, and it's absorbed almost immediately.

BA: It's just like a mouth wash.

TS: That's right

BA: What happens if you do swallow it?

TS: The same thing, it just goes through the gut wall, instead of the oral mucosa. You can't help but to absorb some of it in your mouth, because it's a very thick substance. It's that honey honey base, and that way it absorbs right in, you know, right into your mouth.

BA: Now EDTA, that's, that's the active ingredient here, is it? What is that?

TS: Ethamine diamine tetra acetic acid. (He doesn't even know what EDTA is. It's Ethylene, not Ethamine!!)

BA: That's easy for you to say.

TS: Heh, heh, heh, heh. We also use SHMP in our Canadian formula which is wonderful Bryan cuz it's natural. I mean it is absolutely 100% natural, it's a mineral. The big dairy operations use the SHMP to flush their dairy lines. So, cuz there's a lot of calcification that builds up on those lines. So, they use this SHMP/EDTA to flush those lines. It actually withdraws that calcification and that's what I tell people, Bryan. As a naturopathic doctor, your gonna, most people die because they get all plugged up. Doesn't it make sense to put something in your body on a daily basis that withdraws that junk from your system?

BA: Now you know, you probably been asked this many times before. Ah, Where's the "beef" here? I mean if this is such a miracle, why don't we hear more about it and why isn't it being accepted more widely within the medical community?

TS: Excellent question Bryan. It it's "follow the money trail". Ah, there, there's the pharmaceutical companies can't bring this to market because it takes about $350 million to bring a new pharmaceutical product to the market. So, they've got to have the exclusive on it. So, they've got to be the only people to offer it. If they, if you know, the patent for EDTA has expired, and because of that, other companies can bring this same exact product to market, therefore the company won't have the exclusive on it, so they can't recoup their dollars. It's basically "follow the money trail", and it does my heart glad that down here in the United States that the National Insitute of Health has just commissioned a $30 million study on chelation. Because as you said in the beginning, this is bit on the fringe. It's more of natural medicine vs. the traditional medicine. Well now, our most stogie institution, the National Institute of Health is spending $30 million on this chelation, and we know that it's going to make a difference, and really bring chelation into the forefront.

BA: But, you know, I find it hard to imagine why the medical community in Canada would not be screaming to have this brought on-line, on a widespread basis. Because, you know what's happening in Canada. We have long waiting lists. People with heart problems, circulatory problems, they can't get diagnosed, they can't get treated, because of lineups, because of cutbacks in healthcare spending. Ah, it costs, ah ah, publicly funded healthcare just a lot of money to treat people who you say can be treated with chelation therapy.

TS: They absolutely can. The only problem with the way that you're my humble opinion, is you are very very logical. And from my experience in dealing with the HPB, and the FDA in the States, logic doesn't matter a whole lot. I don't know if you've ever experienced that when you are dealing with the government, but it just doesn't seem that logic makes a, makes a whole impact with them.

BA: You know I've noticed that...

TS: Heh heh heh heh (together in unisson). You've seen that before.

BA: Ah, up, just about every day in fact. Hee hee hee...So how costly can this be then? If a person wants to start this.

TS: Well Bryan, because we're on your show, we are very excited to be on Wingham, and your show today. So, we're giving it away to your listeners for free. Uh, we we want, it's o.k. , I tell people it's o.k. to be skeptical, but on the Bryan Allen show today, if you want to try "oral chelation" we'll give you a 30 day supply for free. All we'll ask is to pay shipping and handling of $12.95 Canadian. And, we will ship you your first bottle absolutely free.

BA: O.K. so any of our call, anybody calls in this morning they'll get it free.

TS: Yes, sir. Let me give you a number because the the lines tend to heat up and we don't necessarily them to call the station. Let me give you a local. Let me start with an 800 number. It's 888-221-7681 or 519-291-2207. That's over in Listowel...291-2207.

BA: So, for local listeners in the Listowel area, it's 519-291-2207. Or, 888-221-7681.

TS: That's correct.

BA: It will cost you $12.95 and you'll get a free course of Oral Chelation therapy. Are there any people who should not be trying this stuff?

TS: Children, this has not been tested on children. But it has been certified on adults, and it helps the diabetics because they have the worst circulation of anyone on the planet. People with chronic fatigue. How many people are depressed and they don't know that they've got high levels of mercury in their system and they're walking around and they are not feeling good? They put this Oral Chelation into their system and it, I mean, it removes neuro-toxins. Mercury is a neuro-toxin, it pulls it out of your system. So this is really coming across Canada. I was in Saskatchewan about three weeks ago, we had over 500 people call in for a free bottle when I did a show back there. Because people are craving for this, once they realize that they can put something into their system that's 100% natural, and it withdraws from their system, it pulls out the junk that is doing them harm. Because no vitamin does that. No pharmaceutical does that. And, you know, you know, if you don't have say seven or eight grand to spend on the i.v. form of chelation, this is a very very cost-effective way to get the same result.

BA: O.K. let's go to a caller. This is Betty in Walkerton. Hi Betty.

Betty: Hi Bryan. Umm, I'm quite interested in your guest there this morning. Uhm, I'm a diabetic, been diabetic for quite a while, and they've just put me on blood pressure pills and I'm not really crazy about the idea, but what do ya do? And uh...

TS: Betty, do you know why you have high blood pressure?

Betty: Aaahhh, Uhmmm.

TS: And don't say it's because your husband. Hee Hee

Betty: No, I'm, I live alone, Ha ha ha. I can't blame him anymore

TS: Ha ha ha ha ha. Well, most people don't know why they have high blood pressure, Betty. It's because your arteries are getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Because they're building up with plaque and calcification and occlusions. I mean you have the same amount of fluid flowing through those pipes, but they're getting smaller and smaller.

Betty: Right

TS: So, your know the blood pressure medication, you know you do what you want there I would follow my doctor's advice, and have them take you off drugs.

Betty: Right...right

TS: This is a competely natural whole food product that's not going to interact with your blood pressure, or any of your other medications, and you can take it on a daily basis and it helps to open those pipes up. So, instead of being on blood pressure medication for the rest of your life, if you get serious about this, you may want to give this a three months trial, instead of just a one month trial, Betty. But, people get results on a regular basis. I've seen it every single day, especially working with diabetics, because again, you've got the worst circulation of anybody. And instead of having cold hands and feet all winter long, this actually tends to warm those up.

Betty: Really?

TS: And you get that youthful energy back because your heart doesn't have to work so hard.

Betty: That's something, like I do, like I have been, I've actually come through a very long period of depression and uh. All symptoms pointed to chronic fatigue, and uh, arthritis-like symptoms and uh...just no energy at all.

TS: Well this will help you free that up. Blood pressure is modulated, it helps with cholesterol, especially diabetics, chronic fatigue. So you're a perfect candidate for this, Betty.

Betty: O.K. now being as you said that it include honey?

TS: Yes M'am

Betty: O.K. now, would that not effect the blood sugar when it's absorbed through...?

TS: Excellent Question M'am. Here's the answer. The royal jelly has natural acids that tends to jump-start the pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin.

Betty: Ahemm

TS: So you might have a blood press...excuse me a gentle blood sugar rise over what I've seen in practice, three weeks. But, then after that it tends to go down and modulate and stay down, and stay very level. Because your pancreas has to kick in. And very quickly, there's two types of sugars. Uhmm, one effects blood sugar and one does not. So, there is one that does effect blood sugar.

Betty: Ahemm.

TS:I would take it after a meal, and swirl it around in my mouth, not swallow it.

Betty: Ahemm.

TS: You do that at least twice a day.

Betty: O.K.

BA: There you go Betty.

Betty: O.K.

BA: Thanks for the call today.

Betty: O.K. and where do I, how do I apply for this free sample?

BA: O.K. We'll give you the numbers out again.

Betty: O.K. BA: I will give you the Listowel number again probably.....(he gave them out again, including the toll-free one)

Betty: O.K. great, thank you very much

BA: Let's say home to Gerry in Elmwood. Hello Gerry.

Gerry: Good morning. Very interesting program as always Bryan. I was wondering what's this, does it have any effect for arthritis, or they are saying that Alzheimers is caused by not getting enough, uh, plaque, there's plaque in the blood, and stuff like this, it's supposed to decrease the blood gettin' to the brain. Uhmm, would this have any help, or....

TS: Yes Gerry, what we've seen as far as clinical trials, aluminum is one the big culprits with Alzheimers disease. And it's also dementia, and Alzheimers all the times get confused. And that's basically not getting enough oxygen to the brain. The brain is a microcirculatory system Gerry, and if it plugs up a little bit, it it, effects your entire brain. What you want to do on a regular basis, is to take the Oral Chelation because again, it's like your eyes. People who have been on oral chelation for years, instead of getting stronger glasses each and every year, they start getting weaker glasses, cuz much like your brain, your eyes have a microcirculatory system. And this gently scrapes microscopic layers every single day when you take it. And I recommend Gerry that you take it at least a couple of times a day.

Gerry: Now how about for arthritis, or gout or something like that?

TS: O.K. we've we've got something called Sustained Release Glucoseamine, that you can also try for free if you like. You can't get the Oral Chelation and the Glucoseamine, but you can try to get either or. We don't want to give away the entire store today. But, ah, that's a tremendous way to really help with the wear and tear arthritis, and we've got some things to help out with gout as well, a natural herbal formula. But those target those directly.

Gerry: O.K. Now uh, it's great for the free sample, but what does it cost per month and after that?

TS: It's $4,000 a bottle Gerry.

Gerry: Oh, that's a wonderful bargain.

TS: Isn't that a great price?

Gerry: Yeah, I can live with that. No problem at all.

TS: Good good. As far as the prices go in Canada, gosh I don't even know. I think the 30 day supply is $24, or I'm really not sure. Talk to the people there. We've got a different pricing structure. It's very very inexpensive. Because you're doing it every day, you don't have to go to the i.v. chelation clinic, you can really hand over the life's savings, so to speak.

B.A.: By the way, Dr. Sanford, who are we talking to when we call the Listowel number?

TS: You're talking to our regional director and a team leader out there, Pam and Bob Coleman. They've been in business in Listowel forever. They're dymanic folks. They know tons about nutrition in addition to our regional director there. And I would encourage people, Bryan, to write down those phone numbers, 'cause often times they get busy. And you can try it later on this afternoon. The offer is good for today only. So you want to definitely call today. But, you're dealing with local people that have been using this product for the last twelve or thirteen years. So...

BA: You know what we're going to do, we're going to take a break. When we come back I'm going to call Pam...O.K. and I'm going to order mine. O.K. we're gonna do that. Should we do that?

TS: Absolutely

BA: Gerry thanks for your call this morning. All the best.

Gerry: Bye bye. Merry Christmas.

BA: Merry Christmas to you. We'll be back after this....

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BA: And welcome back. We're with Dr. Troy Sanford this morning talking about oral chelation. And as you heard the good doctor say, we have a couple of number that you can actually call and get a trial course of this medication. And I'll give you the numbers again. (Yes again). And we tried to get a hold of Pam and Bob in Listowel. Guess what? The line is busy, I wonder why? Ha ha ha ha.

TS: Hey Bryan let me...It's not medication, sir. This is a natural whole food..

BA: O.K. I've used the wrong term...

TS: That's O.K.

BA: What is the correct term?

TS: I'm gonna send you a big bottle of this, by the way. Not the sample bottle, but the large bottle for inviting us on the show. We sure appreciate it. And, are you guys listening to Trick Pony up there by the way?

BA: Trick Pony?

TS: Yeah

BA: Oh yeah.

TS: Well that's made a big splash down here. You know we're a little bit behind down here in South Florida. The real terminology is a natural whole food supplement. It doesn't interact with the medications that folks are on, so because it's like eating a concentrated food. But, it's definitely not a medication.

BA: Let me ask you this. This stuff absorbs through the membranes.

TS: That's right

BA: Why not do a patch thing or something?

TS: Well this is the easiest way to do it. That's more of a drug delivery system, and we'd have to go through higher levels at the HPB. This is a natural easy way. We actually worked with HPB in the formulation of this some twelve or thirteen years ago. Because they told us how much of the chelation ingredient that the PAC MAN, so to speak, that goes through your arteries, that we can actually put in there. So, they helped us develop this. More and more docs, even conventional doctors. I work with a naturopaths in Canada, as well as medical doctors who say, "You know I've seen people get results on this. They're getting results in 30-60 days and when they stay on it, the long term benefits are even better." So more and more doctors every day are using this. Even though it's on the fringe as you say, being a natural medicine.

BA: Is there clinical documentation that you can site where this, this therapy really works. I mean it's one thing when some people come in and say, "You know, I feel so much better Dr. Sanford". But, maybe people would say that's psychological, you know you told them to take, to do this stuff, and they're gonna feel better, and now they think they do. Is there actual clinical evidence? Do people come in for example, and do they show lower cholesterol levels? Do they show better vital signs? Where's the proof?

TS: Well what most medical doctors would say, well that's anecdotal. Like you said some people say they feel better, their blood pressure goes down, and yes and yes to both of your questions. I've got clinical evidence in my hand from the University of Illinois, the Food Science Dept. in Human Nutrition, that have certified our product. Because, they test certain products and what they did is that they certified our product because it helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and the oxidation. That's really what clogs us up Bryan is the bad cholesterol, the low density lipoprotein cholesterol oxidizing. Because when that oxidizes, it becomes terribly sticky. Other heavy metals go by, other calcifications goes by. So it sticks and it sticks. Ours is certified to really help out with that LDL cholesterol. And right now there are studied, and they are pretty easy to find that show that chelation does work. But, we are on the cusp, right on the fringe of the biggest study ever done with chelation. It's the $30 million National Institute of Health study. Because the studies that are out now, some will say this stuff works wonders, people don't have angina. People that were scheduled for amputations, diabetics, you know they didn't have to have it, and they've got wonderful results. Other people say, "Well gosh, that's just anecdotal, it doesn't work." So, now there's a $30 million study through the National Institute of Health. Of course you have to wait 5 years, Bryan. But, it it's going to give us a definite answer. So, what I would tell people to do is this is definitely not going to hurt you. We can't market or promote a product that's gonna hurt you. Only drug companies can do that! O.K. we market things that are safe for people to take on a daily basis, and this in fact is something that definitely is not going to hurt you. And, it can only help. If you have a genetic predisposition in your family, a condition that runs in your family, with high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, or sudden onset heart attack, it just makes sense to take this. Because it will help to reduce homocysteine levels. It will help in so many different areas, cleaning out your body. And again it definitely won't hurt you. There is no down side.

BA: Let me ask you this. Is there evidence that when we take so many drugs in our lives that there is a residue that hangs around the blood stream. For example, my listeners know that I am nursing a very bad tooth right now, and I'm taking anti-biotics, and I'm swallowing these Tylenol-3 things.

TS: Tylenol-3??????!!!!!

BA: Yes, I've got a lot of pain with this. It's a dry socket thing, it's one of the most painful things you can go through.

TS: Ooh, is certainly is

BA: Umm, all these medications that are going into your system on a daily basis. Is this leaving residue behind, floating around in the blood like a bunch of of sludge after we're done?

TS: Umm, not over the long-long term, but in months, absolutely! Because it's a cocktail, Bryan, that your body has inside itself that's really lethal. You know it's bad enough that drugs have side-effects, and they hurt the liver, and they'll hurt this and hurt this, but they've never tested, they don't test 'em with one another. And all the side effects that those hurt with. So, it's bad enough to take one drug, but when you're on several drugs, that's when the real danger comes in. And, you know, there's a time and place for everything, Bryan. You know if I had a dry socket and was in that kind of pain, you know, I probably be on a pharmaceutical drug as well. But, you know, it's like if I get hit by a truck, I don't want to be taken to an herbalist. You know, I want to go to the emergency room. There's a time and place for everything. But, you're not going to have that dry socket forever. You're not gonna be on those drugs forever. Like a lot of people are on statin drugs, high blood pressure medications, they're on insulin, and the doctor says, "Hey, you're gonna be on this stuff until it's over". That's the real real bad part. So, you know, a temporary, uhm stent with you know and actual pharmaceutical, I don't think so. I don't think it's going to affect you any more than six months. It's not gonna be a sludge running around your system. But, it is something that if you can avoid, you definitely want to.

BA: Let's go to Jean in Mt. Forest. Hi Jean.

Jean: Yes, I have taken the "oral" chelation. Umm it's supposed to be illegal in Canada is it not, the OMA won't recognize it.

TS: Well, I'm not sure...

Jean: How do you get away with this?

TS: I'm, I'm not exactly sure who the OMA is.

Jean: Our Ontario Medical Association.

TS: O.K. Well I've actually met folks in Ontario, doctors prescribe it, and the government pay for it, in a certain power plant over....., gosh I forget, over towards the peninsula upon the upon upon the bay. So we have had doctors, insurance company pay for it, and doctors prescribe it, and that was three months ago, so it's certainly not illegal. We've been in business for 20 years with Oral Chelation. We're a company, Jean, that plays by the rules. That's why...

Jean: Well I, I, I had taking it, I had 78 treatments, and I had to quit because it got so expensive. Because you know when you're, when you're a on a pension it's pretty hard to a manage it.

TS: 78 treatments of the intravenous chelation?

Jean: Right, and it helped immensely.

TS: I bet it did.

Jean: It definetly did, yes.

BA: What did it do for you?

Jean: Well, I couldn't walk 15 yards without taking nitro, when I, before I started it. I'd had a bypass, and I've had 7 heart attacks, and uhm it's just...After the first treatment I could feel the difference. And it was it was just, well it sort of gave me back my life. But, the...

BA: But you haven't tried the Oral Chelation?

Jean: No I haven't, no I haven't.

BA: Is it, Dr. Sanford is there evidence to show it's, that the oral chelation is just as effective?

TS: Over the long-run, yes, Bryan. It, it's not as harsh in the system. We're not dumping the same amount of EDTA or SHMP into the system. But, over the long term, see you can take this longer. Not, not as Jean pointed out, you know, it kinda drains your financial resources. But, this is so gentle you can take over a long period of time. So, the answer is, over the long run, yes it's just as effective. But, immediately, if someone goes in for an i.v. chelation treatment, or you know, they drink half a bottle of this stuff, it won't be the exact same results.

BA: But we, we know that anything delivered intravenously always happens more quickly. I mean it takes effect very quickly.

TS: That's correct.

BA: Right

TS: But, you have to have a medical doctor present, that's why it's so expensive.

Jean: That's right. Yes

TS: This is, this is a way for the masses. The way for the regular folks like me and Jean to take our i.v., our chelation you can do it in a natural way, and right in your mouth.

Jean: Well, I think it's ridiculous that our Ontario Medical Association won't recognize it. There are thousands of people who need it. You know it's stupid, but I can't get into that with you. I called the number in Listowel, and they're so backlogged, they have to get back to people in a couple of days. O.K.

BA: O.K. Hah hah hah. We are going to keep trying to get through, too. Good luck to us, right?

Jean: Yes. hee hee

BA: Keep trying anyway Jean, and thanks for the call this morning. Let's take a break. Fay's on deck, we'll talk to Fay right after this. A bunch of local ads and the weather

BA: Let's say hi to Fay in Harriston. Hi Fay

Fay: Hello

BA: Good morning Fay

Fay: I was just wondering would this help, like you were saying, cold feet, cold hands. Uhmm, I find like I get really really bored, huh huh huh. I have no energy to do anything. All I want to do is lay around and sleep. When I wake up, all I want to do is eat, and then I put on the beef.

TS: Fay, that doesn't sound too healthy. Yes, this, the Oral Chelation tends to open up the blood vascular system. We had a caller, a couple of callers back that talked about nitro, they've been on nitro, Betty, no Jean that lived on nitro. This has nitro-like effects because it opens the blood vascular system, lets everything flow better, while it takes the PAC MAN effect, grabbing the the junk, the plaque, the occlusions, and pulling it out of the system. So consequently, over time. Now this is not going to put an "S" on your chest Fay. You're not going to be "superwoman", you know, the first day that you take it.

Fay: I don't want to be

TS: Heh heh heh heh (together). But, I would encourage you to get it and stay on it, and stay on it at least 3 months, and that way you give it a fair chance. And you'll notice that your hands warm up. You'll notice that you have more of that youthful energy. You won't be flying around the city or anything, but you will absolutely feel better because the cardiovascular system is really the key to the entire body. When your heart is starved of oxygen, you just don't have that energy. And also minerals. We've got a trace mineral supplement, Fay, that helps people that have that cabin fever and they're not feeling well, at the top of their game. I tell people Fay, it's like having a dim lightbulb in a light. You know you kinda find your way around, but you just, it's just how it should be.

Fay: You just don't want to bother.

TS: Exactly, well a good trace mineral supplement will, would gives your body that electrolytes and the raw material that your brain needs to have a healthy environment.

Fay: Will it help me think?

TS: We're gonna help you think and feel better because your thinking has a lot to do with your attitude, and you know, and how your body moves, and you know, how you feel. And this will getchew that youthful energy back. And for folks that take care of livestock or work in agriculture, they know they've got to give their cows trace minerals or they won't give enough milk, or they've got to take care of their animals. So they make sure that their animals get trace minerals, and yet they never takum. So, idt makes sense to take trace minerals along with the oral chelation.

BA: Thanks for the call this morning Fay, all the best to you. You have a great day. Thank you Fay.

Fay: Good bye.

BA: Uh uh the whole body relationship and how it becomes a viscious circle doesn't it? I mean you feel lousy, then you get depressed, right?

TS: Yup.

BA: And it just goes around and 'round.

TS: It, it, it, it really is terrible Bryan, You know when you go to the, the first thing they're gonna do in the hospital is they put that electrolyte back into you and put an i.v. in your arm, and then they kinda evaluate you. That's trace minerals. You know they can't call it trace minerals, because you know then, it shows up on the bill for 400 bucks. Ya say, "Gosh I coulda got that naturally!" . But, it's the same thing, it has potassium, it has all the good things that you need, so when you take that on a daily basis, everything just works better.

BA: When they coined the phrase "what's in a name", they didn't ask the medical community, or did they?

TS: No they certainly didn't, because of billing purposes. Hee hee.

BA: Let's see, I've got Patsy in Hanover, good morning Pat.

Patsy: Good morning Bryan, how are you?

BA: Fine thanks

Patsy: Uhmm, I've had, I'm on blood thinners, I've been on blood thinners for seven years I think. I keep getting blood clots on my legs, we don't know why. Uhmm, I just wondered if this is going to help that?

TS: Well Pat, I can't tell you that this is gonna clear up your blood clot problem. But, I can tell you what you're gonna do with the entire vasculature system, is to start removing some of the toxins. Because toxins do terrible things within your system. I mentioned earlier that mercury is a neuro-toxin, it kills brain cells, it kills the way that we think. In your blood vasculature system, what you're able to do with Oral Chelation is open it up, and remove a lot of the plaque and the occlusions that occur there. And through the natural action of the chelation, we've seen positive effects in blood clots. You know, I'm not gonna say that this is going to cure your blood clot, but I can tell you that this will naturally support your condition.

Patsy: O.K. what about, does it interact with the Coumadin or anything like that?

TS: No M'am and that's a really nice thing about this. A lot of the nutritional supplements out these days, they have to put warnings on, and it interacts with this, it interacts with this. This is a whole food supplement. Most people don't ask their doctor if they can have a banana split, and still take their Coumadin.

Patsy: Ahem.

TS: But, that's kinda the same thing. It's a whole food supplement. It's completely natural. It doesn't have any of the controversial herbs in it. So, it does not inter-react with the Coumadin, and the medications that are out there. And we know this because its been been on the market for 20 years down here in the States, and about 13 years in Canada.

Patsy: O.K. great. I'm gonna definitely order some. Thank you, bye bye.

BA: Thanks Pat, thanks for your call. If I, when I wash this around in my mouth, it's got honey it in right?

TS: Yes sir.

BA: Is this gonna rot out the few teeth I have remaining?

TS: Heh heh heh heh heh. Actually, no it will do some of the good things cuz you heard about the mercury and the cadmium that's in people's mouths. They really really doesn't. The enamel, the enamel for the large part protects, protects the tooth. But, in a different situation, as you've got going, it will actually help to remove a lot of the heavy metals that may be the root cause of that problem. So, it absolute will not, and it taste wonderful. It's a great way to finish a meal Bryan. I don't know if you're like me, but I'm looking for something sweet after a nice wonderful meal. This is something sweet and again it's gonna be cleaning out your blood vascular system, removing the plaque, removing the junk that builds up on your system that you just caused by just eating what you probably just ate.

BA: Yah, and I, I usually find that sweet stuff, too. I'll tell you about this, I really do.

TS: Well Bryan, I'm gonna send you a big bottle of the Oral Chelation, 'cause I want you to try it, it's gonna be on the house, on me, and I'm gonna send that to you within the next day or two. And for the people who are calling in, I would tell you to be patient, you know. We don't do the free offer very often, but when we do the phone lines light up. So, call today, call tonight, call tomorrow morning at the latest please. But, write the number down and be sure to call it.

BA: O.K. We'll give you the numbers again here: ( He gave out both the Listowel and the Toll-free numbers again). Let's go to Fred in Brussels. Hi Fred.

Fred: no answer

BA: Good morning Fred

Fred: Good morning. I was just wondering, alright, if ya, if ya hit your free bottle, that's supposed to last you a month. Uh, Right?

TS: Yes sir, depending on how much you take.

Fred: Yah, but, o.k. it's supposed to last you a month. If you, if you're going to keep going, what's the next bottle, and the next bottle gonna cost ya?

TS: Uh Fred, I'm not really that sure with Canadian prices to be real honest with ya. I'm, I'm not sure. I think the big bottle might go for wholesale $60, the small bottle, let's say $30. You really have to talk with those folks. Unfortunately, I'm calling in from South Florida today, and I'm not really of the Canadian prices, and that's really my fault Fred. I should, I should know. But, it is very cost-effective. We've had the Oral Chelation up there for the last 13 years, and so I know that it is cost-effective.

Fred: Okey, fine.

BA: We're trying to get the people in Listowel, but the lines are busy, but call in, your not obligated.

TS: Absolutely not. BA: Ask, ask these questions, ask about 'em.

TS: Yeah, and the can send you some free information. I mean, you know, if you have a friend, or a relative that you know has a problem, and they didn't listen to the Bryan Allen show this morning. You can call them and tell them that they need to call the phone number.

BA: Let's say hi to Nancy in Harriston. Hi Nancy.

Nancy: Hi. Good morning. Could you tell me if there's any evidence that the oral chelation has helped with any neo-vascular problems with the retina of the eye?

TS: Uhm, I can tell you that I work with optometrists, and ophthalmologists, and they, they've actually used EDTA and SHMP in surgery to help to remove some of the calcification during surgery. But, I know of several patients that I've worked with over the years that have actually got the strenghtening of the eye because, Nancy the microcirculatory system in the eye, it is so small, and when occlusions happen there, it's devastating to eyesight. So, again when you take, now this is over the long-run, you know, you're not gonna take it tomorrow, and the next day and get weaker glasses. Over the long run Nancy, the eye circulatory system is so sensitive, the Oral Chelation does, because it works on the microscopic level to, to really give the eye what it needs, that oxygen, and the blood, instead of being all clogged-up. So, I personally seen, in my practice, tremendous results, uhm with eye health, and Oral Chelation.

Nancy: O.K. and where there is already hemorrhaging in the retina, is it uhm effective in in helping uhm maybe deter that?

TS: How long has the hemorrhaging been going on?

Nancy: Uhm probab...well this is a more recent one. I had some before, but uhm this one I've probably had for the last five days.

TS: Oh, my goodness. Well that's very serious. You know the first line of defense is to go to your doctor.

Nancy: I've already done that.

TS: This is no substitute for proper medical treatment, I assure you. This is something that can help in the vascular health of the eye. I would ask the people when I call them about Formula #7, because they control, it has "resvertitrol" in it, that really helps to cross-link with the membrane, the blood vascular membrane and strengthen it. So, I, I would recommend the Oral Chelation and also our cholesterol figher which is Formula #7. Again that strenghthens the blood vascular actual tissue. So, I would certainly look into that.

Nancy: I see, and I......

BA: Thank you Nancy for your call.

Nancy: O.K. thank you, alright thank you.

BA: We'll take a break, Cindy's on deck, and we'll talk to Cindy and have our final words with Dr. Troy Sanford, right after this.

A bunch of local ads BA: In London, good morning Cincy

Cindy: Hi, I was just wondering, I have Crohn's disease, and I just wondered would it effect it?

BA: O.K. we have your question you're breaking up, so we'll let you hang up and we'll get an answer.

Cindy: O.K.

BA: What do you think Dr. Sanford?

TS: Yes sir, it certainly will. Because what it does, it, it gives just the blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract, and it really cleans it up. Now, there's a couple of things that I, I know Pam Coleman can recommend because she's worked with, I know two people with Crohn's disease, and Oral Chelation is the starting point, and there are some other natural supplements that will certainly help with that Cindy.

Cindy: O.K.

BA: Thank you Cindy

Cindy: Thanks.

BA: All the best to you.

Cindy: Yup, bye bye.

BA: Ah, do you run into a lots of opposition from the traditional medical Dr. Sanford? I, I mean is this a tough fight?

TS: It's, it's become easier and easier now. And, here's the reason, and it's because the, the traditional medical establishment and natural medicine are really becoming together. I, I mean you hear the studies every day, I mean Vitamin-E helps with heart disease, this natural substance does this. And this is coming from Harvard Health, it's coming from, you know, from Johns Hopkins University. I tell people, Bryan, that a good idea goes through three phases. First of all, they made fun of it. Back in the days they said, "Oh, flush those vitamins down the toilet. They're not gonna help you anyway. The second stages is they evaluate it. In the third stage they adopt it." And more and more Canadians are adopting a natural way, and chelation, it is not traditional, but more and more. I mean, heck, I know, I work with a dozen medical doctors around the United States that, that are using Oral Chelation because they know through the doppler stenography, they can tell by testing, that it works.

BA: Dr. Sanford, thanks for doing this, this morning, really interesting stuff.

TS: A great pleasure to be on your show, Bryan, and I tell your listeners, hey you've got nothing to lose. Go ahead and write the number down, make a call, and you'll be glad you did.

BA: Thank you. Take care.

TS: Thank you so much, Bryan

BA: That was Dr. Troy Sanford, talking to us this morning from Florida. It is, just a final word on this, this morning. When we have these shows. we do this to give you some information. You know, I can't give you chapter and verse on whether these things work. I can only pass on the information we get. I'm going to get the bottle, he's going to send me a bottle of this, and I'm going to try it. I'll give you the numbers again. (Hey, how about some numbers to the Ontario Registered Dieticians Association, or maybe the Board of Drugless Practitioners - Naturopathy.)

BA: They give you a month's supply free, but you have to pay the shipping charge. For some distances it could be as much as $12.95, that's what we're told. So that's it for today.



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