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Cyberstalking and lies by Tim Bolen

Bolen Report takes aim and misses

On or about May 2, 2007 Tim Bolen issued one of his monstrous attacks about myself and others in his Bolen Report. His tactic is to destroy me professionally and personally, and that has been his goal ever since he was hired by cancer quack Hulda Clark many years ago.

He has again threatened me with severe bodily harm. Bolen, as stupid as he is, took aim with both barrels, and has not obviously considered that his threatened actions may lead to his arrest or detention by California authorities.

Mr. Bolen will continue his bloody lies until one day he will face the legal consequences. Mr. Bolen pretends that he was never involved in any conspiracy to defame me. Unfortunately, this has never been proven in any court because Bolen has never taken an oath in front of a judge in this matter. But his depositions in our case and in others along the way are so full of holes that one can only imagine what goes on inside his head.

Who is Patrick Timothy Bolen?

It may seem rather odd that for years Bolen seemed to hide his image in anonymity, especially when he soaked Hulda Clark for over $147,000 for professional services as her "general", and that was up until 2003. Bolen pretends to be a soldier and sets his sights to destroy those of us who have any doubts about cancer quacks, and questionable health professionals.

When Bolen showed up in the Florida courtroom during the Douglas Phillips hearing, he was served with a defamation lawsuit by Dr. Bob Baratz. To see the look on his face and finger peeking out the courtroom door says it all.

Bolen over the last decade or two has done nothing to substantiate the claims that he continues to make. In fact many people have called him liar, a defamer, and has made life miserable for a number of honest people. Unfortunately, Bolen has never been called into a courtroom to testify in the matters that have contributed to this horrible situation.

He and his friends and cronies, who sometimes operate anonymously, rain down all sorts of vulgarities about myself and others. Multi-national corporations were represented by lawyers for the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ABC, CNN, Time Warner Cable, SBC Internet services, The Washington Post, E-Bay, Amazon, Netscape, Earthlink, Compuserve, have rushed to support those who have defamed me under the banner of some U.S. federal law that protects others when they quote defamatory statements made by idiots like Bolen. Of course the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the ACLU also backed the right of Ilena Rosenthal to spew forth anything that she felt like it, as long as it was Tim Bolen's own words.

Intelligent opinions about Bolen and his operations

  • Darkshado's opinion - Tim Bolen is a known spammer and net kook.
  • He wildly accuses everyone who disagrees with him as being part of the “spamhaus/spews” conspiracy, even emailing lame legal threats which have been sent to various network admins around the world. The only result of this has been the NANAE community laughing their asses off at him and suggestions that Bolen stop using his quack medical cures and seek REAL psychiatric help.

  • Google Group's search of for Tim Bolen. In one of his answers to why he spams people with his newsletters he made the following statement: "You have to keep an important point in mind - my newsletter is NOT commercial so "commercial" rules do not apply at all, nor even the Can-spam Act.

    We are a very large, and politically savvy organization - and we are just beginning to use email campaigns effectively. And here you are - standing in our way. But one thing I want you to keep in mind - we are looking for friends - not enemies, answers, not problems.

    Enemies we got."

  • Bolen the Quack-Booster - How does he stack up? from Paul Lee As an opponent of "quackbusters", Tim Bolen places himself squarely on the side of the quacks. He is the original quackpot. He can't have it both ways: either he is a quack-buster or a quack-booster. Since he's against quackbusters, . . . . . go figure!

  • Tim Bolen HUMILIATED in Florida The man has no shame. - Paul Lee

  • Tim Bolen, Hulda Clark's so-called "publicist"! - He was writing to a chiropractor who is in trouble with his Board, and brags about himself. "An attorney friend of mine, that we've worked with on several cases introduces me with the statement "Tim Bolen's idea of 'low profile' is to paint his tanks in camouflage colors." He's right - for I believe in mayhem... and I want my war tanks in close when the assault begins - so I get maximum destruction in the shortest amount of time, on the enemy's positions."

  • OTP: Anyone else receive a 'newsletter' from this idiot? - Threats made to those who filed complaints about his spam newsletters. Here is what Bolen said to get them hot under the collar: Here is his ludicrous and cartoon-like email in response to my complaint:

    Mr. Holland: Let it make it clear to you that the attached communication, by you, is legal evidence of YOU intending damage against my business. I am operating according to the laws of the State of California. You have filed a FALSE complaint against me. You have also defamed me with these agencies.

    Unless you take action IMMEDIATELY to correct that situation YOU WILL BE SUED in California. Should any person or entity, because of your communication cause me the least bit of effort - YOU will be sued.

    Make it easy for me, and send your address for legal service, by return e-mail. I will see that you get a certified letter detailing my intent.

    Tim Bolen

Dr. Terry Polevoy's original deposition destroyed Bolen's credibility

In my August 1, 2002 deposition in the matter of our lawsuit against Bolen, Hulda Clark, I thoroughly destroyed all of Bolen's allegations.

Terry Polevoy's Declaration for Christopher Grell re: Tim Bolen, Hulda Clark et. al. lawsuit

Patrick Timothy Bolen, aka Tim Bolen, and his wife Jan, made certain false allegations in various e-mails, on web sites, and in posts on the internet about myself and others. None of these allegations have any basis in fact. They are defamatory. He orchestrated a campaign to take my medical license away, and to destroy me personally and professionaly. He consorted with others to do the same. He also made personal threats against me, and encouraged others to do physical harm to myself and others.

Mr. Bolen organized a campaign to discredit me by asking people in Canada, and in fact around the world to write the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), and other agencies in Canada. These were malicious, and were intended to destroy my career. All complaints were immediatly dismissed by the CPSO and his complaints were considered to be frivolous and without basis.

Regarding the untrue statements that I stalked radio host Christine McPhee and other women:

Mr. Bolen is unable to substantiate this. It is an out and out lie, intended to defame and libel me personally.

The Cavitat Case

A deposition of Mr. Bolen in the Cavitat case showed that he is living outside the law on Federal land in California, has admitted misstating his business information with regard to tax authorities, and admits he has been making false statements about Dr. Barrett and Dr. Baratz for many years. He had claimed multiple violations of the law by both of them, and when asked under oath to give one example, he could not.

Patrick T Bolen's deposition in the Cavitat case. It's in Adobe .pdf format - 339 pages

This document includes the following testimony:

  • Bolen resides in and operates his JuriMed business from a house he leases in the Cleveland National Forest.
  • He moved there seven or eight years previously after losing his home in a foreclosure sale.
  • He routinely deducts personal expenses as business expenses.
  • He could not remember which income tax returns he had filed during the previous five years.

Bolen sued by Aetna

Tim Bolen sued by Aetna in Cavitat countersuit
Exemplary Damages request:

The conduct of Tim Bolen was intentional, willful, wanton, malicious, reckless, grossly negligent and deserving of punishment. Aetna is therefore entitled to exemplary or punitive damages in the maximum amount allowed by law to punish Jones and Cavitat and to deter other similarly-situated persons from engaging in like conduct.

Did Bolen help these licensed health professionals?

Bolen has vocally supported some major losers over the years. Almost all of the healthcare professionals that he sided with are no longer able to practice their profession with impunity. Some of them have had their licenses stripped by their State regulators.

David Steenblock, D.O.

  • David Steenblock, D.O. - part of stem cell scheme
  • Regulatory Action against David Steenblock, D.O. (1993-1994)
  • Regulatory Action against David Steenblock, D.O. (1997-2000)
  • A cure for Adam? - Steenblock Institute - article from Sign on San Diego June 13, 2005 Parents believe umbilical cord blood injections help their son with cerebral palsy, but doctors warn of ethics violations, faulty science Steenblock's institute receives no grant money and employs no one with National Academies credentials.

    Steenblock also has had problems in the past. In 1994, he was fined and placed on five years of probation by the state Board of Osteopathic Examiners in connection with a complaint filed after the doctor examined a 13-year-old girl for chronic acute diarrhea. After visiting the doctor several times, she was taken to a hospital where she had surgeries and later died, according to documents obtained from the licensing board.

    In the documents state attorneys said Steenblock failed to recognize the girl's advanced illness, failed to refer her to the proper specialist, failed to treat her in a timely fashion and failed to explain the side effects of an iron shot he gave her.

    Steenblock did not admit or deny any of the charges. Instead he agreed to settle the matter and avoided a hearing by accepting downgraded charges and probation and a 90-day license revocation, which was stayed.

  • Doctor scrutinized for stem-cell treatment - OC Register - April 12, 2007 A Mission Viejo doctor has been accused by the state of failing to cooperate with an investigation into an experimental stem cell treatment for a child. David Steenblock, 64, has failed to cooperate with a state medical-board investigation into his treatment of the child and billing practices, according to a petition filed last week in Orange County Superior Court. Steenblock's attorney, Carlos Negrete of San Juan Capistrano, said that he plans to cooperate with the board.

  • The state vs. an advocate for the little guy - California Political Review Online - March 21, 2006. Tim Bolen's buddy, attorney Charles Benninghoff, who was forced to resign as a lawyer in California many years ago, backed Steenblock in his battle with the medical board in California for many years. Bolen says that he was actually "there" in 1991 when Benninghoff faced the prospect of having his legal license revoked.

    Someone named Charles Benninghoff appears to be associated with California based web sites, and the name of the company is Jury dot Com, Ltd. Nancy Bolen's name appears on the web site. Is Nancy related to Tim and Jan Bolen?'s web site states that they manage 21 web sites. The web site is hosted on

    Could all of the legal mumbo-jumbo that Bolen uses in his many rants actually be contributed by Mr. Benninghoff?

    One of Bolen's other disgusting web sites is NORTHAMERICANCONSUMERSAGAINSTHEALTHFRAUD.ORG, and it also does business out of his infamous private mailbox.

Stuart Suster, MD

Cavitat fiasco

Where do the Bolens actually live?

No, he doesn't live in a rented mailbox that he still uses as his address. I wonder what address he gives when he files his taxes, registers his motor vehicle, or gets a driver's license. You can check his deposition in the Cavitat fiasco, just in case you need to know. Hint - checkout pages 10-13 of the transcript.

Tim and Jan Bolen's abode
26 Hot Springs Canyon Rd
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Just click here to get a birds-eye view of the topography that surrounds his wonderful rented cabin.

For an even better look use Google Road Map or perhaps another overhead scenic view.

Business use of a National Forest home site is illegal under

Subpart A-General Prohibitions - Sec. 261.2 Definitions: Commercial use or activity-- any use or activity on National Forest System lands (a) where an entry or participation fee is charged, or (b) where the primary purpose is the sale of a good or service, and in either case, regardless of whether the use or activity is intended to produce a profit.

So if there are any Federal process servers who need directions to his home they can be found.

Follow the many links below to the original lawsuit against Bolen, Hulda Clark and others for details.

If you would like to help to bring justice in this matter kindly follow the links above and let us know what you can do to set the record straight.

More battle links

Tim Bolen

Ilena Rosenthal

She posted thousands of messages over the years, and even while the court deliberated, and they seemed to be going in her favor, she never let up her own defamatory comments. These were not the repetition of Tim Bolen's meaningless rants. These were her own posts on Usenet. The Supreme Court of California found in her favor without considering any of her own defamatory comments. All they had to go on was a very poorly written law that protects people who repeat the defamations of others on the Internet.

Recent publicity about the potential large settlement in her lawyer's favor that Tim Bolen has been crowing about will not let him off the hook.

Original Rosenthal Usenet posts that prove that she and Tim Bolen collaborated to defame others.

  • Quack Barrett threatens to sue me for libel - August 2, 2000 - follow the threads and check out the posts where Ilena copied Bolen. She refused to retract any statements that were penned by Bolen. Those statements stated that a police report found that I had stalked Christine McPhee. This was an out and out lie, and one that Rosenthal will never retract.