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  • The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal

    by Gordon Stein - Prometheus Books

    A fascinating encyclopedia defining paranormal as that which cannot be currently explained by scientific means, allowing for a kaleidoscopic array of 90 subject entries written in lively, critical short essay form by contributors from the fields of science, theology, philosophy, magic, history, and general academic scholarship. Each topic is treated objectively without pro or con bias

    The Unconscious Quantum

    by Victor J. Stenger, Prometheus Books

    Stenger (physics, astronomy, U. of Hawaii) guides general readers through the key developments of quantum mechanics and the debate over its apparent paradoxes, and debunks the alleged relationship between quantum physics and recent metaphysical fads popularized by authors including Deepak Chopra and Fritjof Capra. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

    Guidelines for Testing Psychic Claimants

    by Richard Wiseman, Robert L. Morris, Prometheus Books

    Wiseman (psychology, U. of Hertfordshire, England) and Morris (parapsychology, Edinburgh U., Scotland) are not debunkers. They rue the fact that serious researchers into psychic phenomena avoid testing people who claim to have extraordinary abilities, and argue that more would if a clear and widely accepted set of protocols were established. They discuss the problem of fraud, initial meetings with the claimant, working with likely tricksters, general policies, reporting recommendations, proof versus process-oriented research, and other topics. Accessible to general readers. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

    Secrets of the Psychics

    by Massimo Polidoro

    Internationally recognized author, journalist, lecturer, and paranormal investigator Massimo Polidoro began his study of such paranormal questions at an early age. In SECRETS OF THE PSYCHICS, he uses his more than fifteen years of experience in investigating extraordinary claims by examining dozens of supposedly paranormal events, some of them famous historical incidents, others contemporary claims of psychics, mediums, healers, "human magnets," a "girl with x-ray eyes," and more. This fascinating book presents in-depth discussions of the claims and the evidence for each individual case.

    Debunked! ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience

    by Georges Charpak, Henri Broch

    From Booklist This excursion upon the seas of superstitious belief is a light, amusing voyage. Had the authors aimed their Nobel-caliber guns (Charpak received the 1992 physics award) at astrology and mental telepathy and blown them to smithereens, such bludgeoning would not have held the humor in the more adroit tack they do take. Charpak and Broch instead examine those fields within their own terms of reference for signs of validity. For example, astrology, allegedly able to determine human fate according to signs of the zodiac, is bogus if only because the precession of the earth's axis shifts those signs over time. Exposing the gullibility charlatans rely on, the authors' sardonic spirit will amuse readers even as it inducts them into the scientific mode of thought.

    Penn & Teller - Bullsh*t! - The First Season

    In the investigative tradition of master illusionist and early 20th-century ghostbuster Harry Houdini, magicians Penn Jillette and partner Teller debunk the paranormal in their wildly entertaining Showtime series, Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!. The first season of this unusual show finds the garrulous Penn and silent Teller taking aim, over 13 episodes, at such perennial hokum as "Talking to the Dead," "ESP," and "Ouija Boards." But they also go after a couple of contemporary, exploitation-driven industries they believe con vulnerable people in the same way phony mediums rip off the bereaved and "regression therapists" lead on would-be alien abductees.

  • All 13 episodes plus a bonus episode ("The Ghost Segment")
  • Deleted scenes and backstage outtakes
  • James Randi interview with Penn & Teller
  • Combatting cult mind control

    by Steven Hassan

    A former cult member, now a counselor helping those affected by destructive cults, Hassan exposes the troubling facts about cults' recruitment, their use of psychological manipulation, and their often subtle influence on government, the legal system, and society as a whole. This updated paperback edition includes a new preface by the author and an expanded bibliography and resource list.

    Skeptic Magazine

    Strives to investigate and promote scientific methods, and disseminate information on science, magic, superstition, and skepticism and the history of these traditions. Also devoted to the history of revolutionary science and pseudoscience.

    Skeptical Inquirer Magazine

    Serves the public and news media, providing access to facts regarding the scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal from a skeptical point-of-view, enabling readers to separate fact from myth in the flood of occultism and pseudoscientific theories presented in today's culture.

    Free Inquiry Magazine

    Countering religious fundamentalists, the humanist scholars who write this controversial magazine promote secularism in the contemporary world. In depth articles, interviews, and book reviews about secular humanism.

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