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Your health is not for sale and help you understand the risks of going on a diet. These books were selected from Amazon's huge library. Should you not find them here, try another Amazon site around the world.

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Fad-Free Nutrition

Frederick Stare
Elizabeth Whelan

Two experts show that today's biggest health problem may be the consumption of too much unreliable information about nutrition. Using up-to-date information and basing their approach on sound scientific principles and legitimate studies, the authors help the reader sort fact from fiction, and, equally important, fact from "maybe".

Hunter House

Anorexia & Bulimia

Diseases & People Series

Enslow Publishers

Real Women Don't Diet!

Real Women Don't Diet!

Ken Mayer

Windsor Publishing

coverBig Fat Lies:
The Truth about Your Weight
& Your Health

Glenn A. Gaesser
Steven Blair

Fawcett Books

coverNutrition & Diet Therapy
Introduction to nutrition and diet therapy for the health care worker

Carolynn E. Townsend

Delmar Publishers

Body Blues - Weight and Depression - Buy Me

Body Blues:
Weight & Depression

Teen Health Library
of Eating Disorder Prevention:
Finding Help & Support

Rosen Publishing

Consuming Passions - Feminist Approach

Consuming Passions:
Feminist Approaches to
Eating Disorders &
Weight Preoccupations

Catrina Brown
Karin Jasper

In this far-reaching collection, twenty-two contributors explore how women can empower themselves to eat without guilt, to accept their bodies, and to engage in changing the actual conditions of their lives.

Second Story Press

coverFat - A Fate
Worse Than Death?
Women, Weight & Appearance

Ruth R. Thone

Haworth Press

DAngers of Diet Drugs - must buy The Dangers of
Diet Drugs &
Other Weight-Loss Products

Teen Health Library
of Eating Disorder Prevention

Haworth Press

Body Image Eating Disorders is NOW at

Body Image
Eating Disorders &
An Integrative Guide
for Assessment & Treatment

J. Kevin Thompson

American Psychological Assoc.

Buy Clinical Obesity NOW at

Clinical Obesity

Peter G. Kopelman
Michael Stock

Blackwell Science

Buy Cumulus the Puffy Cloud NOW at Cumulus the Puffy Cloud:
A Story about Dealing
with Childhood Obesity

Benny Hardouin, Youth Fitness Director of the McLeod Health & Fitness Center, has written a new book to help children deal with obesity. This picture book addresses several issues that obese children face. More specifically, the book deals with insecurity, self-esteem, teasing and positive reinforcement.

Benny Hardouin

BUY Binge Eating : Nature, Assessment and Treatment
Binge Eating : Nature, Assessment and Treatment

G. Terence Wilson (Editor)
Christopher G. Fairburn

Guilford Press

Overcoming Eating Disorders

W. Stewart Agras
Robin F. Apple

Academic Press

I must BUY Why Can't I Stop Eating?

Why Can't I Stop Eating? : Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Food Addiction

Debbie Danowski
Pedro Lazaro

Hazelden Information Education

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