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  • Holistic World Expo Toronto

    When the Total Health Expo at the CNE in Toronto failed to draw significant crowds, I wondered why. Well, it must be that the right-wing politicos in charge of the T.H.E. must eight have outstayed their welcome a the Toronto Convention Centre, or people didn't want to shell-out their hard earned money for their second-rate show.

    So, here comes the next best thing for the CAM community in Toronto. Some of the same faces are there, and I just can't resist the challenge of casting a worried glance at some of their presenters, and exhibitors. So here are a few links for your edification:

    It's billed as the:

    "Largest Holistic Health Spring Show In Downtown Toronto & Canada!"

  • List of exhibitors which includes our friend Trueman Tuck and his brigade of health freedom wing-nuts.

    One of the speakers is Dr. Alvin Pettle who will be speaking about natural hormone therapy. Dr. Pettle has recently been involved in a class action lawsuit because of contaminated acupuncture needles. Has Dr. Pettle ever been disciplined by the CPSO?

    Cassim Igram (also known as Cass Ingram or Dr. Oregano) is also scheduled to talk about the healing power of spice extracts. As you may recall we covered Dr. Oregano during his visit to Walkerton, Ontario after he came to town hawking his oil of oregano to fight the E. coli outbreak that killed many Canadians, including a local doctor's child. I can't understand how this formerly licensed D.O. from Illinois can just waltz across the border to spread his gospel of good health nearly every month.

    Eric Pearl, the former chiropractic turned self-proclaimed healing guru from California will talk on The basic truths of healing. Pearl's reputation is the subject of this lively BLOG. If you don't believe that he is not exactly believable, just click here to read an interview where he says things like:

    I was a chiropractor for 12 years, with one of the largest practices here in LA. Then one Friday I left work as a chiropractor and I came back on Monday as something else--what I didn't know. Patients reported they could feel my hands before I touched them and they experienced healings from cancer, chronic fatigue, aids related diseases, cerebral palsy, and other illnesses from me simply holding my hands near them. I'm now the subject of ongoing research at the University of Arizona and am invited to speak around the world. Researchers tell me I seem to be a bridge between science and spirituality. My gift is that I can tap into a healing energy that allows others to heal or reconnect with their own healing ability. Even bigger is that I can transmit this ability to others which is why I wrote the book The Reconnection, to teach others how to bring healing to their children, parents, families and friends, almost anyone. So the reason I call it the Reconnection evolved from people saying "What is it your did?" I'd say "I didn't do anything and don't tell anyone!" And more and more people would show up and say "I'll have what she had."

    NCAHF comments about Pearl

    Eric Pearl, a Cleveland Chiropractic College graduate, bills himself as an internationally recognized healer. The author of the newly released The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Pearl claims that after two visits with a "Jewish Gypsy" on Venice Beach he returned to his chiropractic practice with the ability to heal people "SIMPLY BY HOLDING HIS HANDS NEAR THEM." He claims to be able to help people with a wide variety of serious diseases. His Web site features Kirlian photographs of his hands showing more glow "in healing mode" than "prior to healing mode." (Kirlian photographs reflect well-understood physical properties, not paranormal events.) Pearl has been on a multi-city promotional tour. In March his followers paid $250 for "three days of healing and enlightenment" at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia. He also charges for private sessions.

    Dr. Zoltan Rona - Toronto CAM medical doctor who uses livecell microscopy, and has served as an advisor to the Kulhay Wellness Centre, will talk on natural alternatives to chelation therapy. He doesn't like quackbusters at all. Dr. Rona sometimes expresses his opinions to people who send him $20 to answer questions. Here's one that he often uses about MS (multiple sclerosis).

    Dr. Jozef Krop - although disciplined by the CPSO, he was allowed to use electrodermal testing in his office with special provisions. The new book about his battles with the CPSO will be published by Helke Ferrie's publishing house very soon.

    Helke Ferrie will be there to talk at several sessions. She always adds a lot to the festivities wherever she goes. Plus she can then pump up sales of books written about Dr. Krop and by Dr. Ravicovich.

    Robert Ferrie, MD who used to be a urologist will talk about his practice of EMDR. He says on this web site that he actually bills OHIP for his treatments. What codes does he use when he submits his billings? Why does Aetna not pay for this questionable treatment in the U.S.? Community Links web site describes his medical practice:

    Medical Doctor that specializes in psychotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

    I don't know about you, but if this is the same Dr. Ferrie who is registered with the CPSO as a urologist, how did he make the leap as a sultan of cystocopy to a prince of psychotherapy? And, is he related to Helke? They seem to share the same address.

    Dr. Felix Ravikovich will be there to talk about the plot against him because of the way in which he treats of allergy and asthma patients. He recently had a book published by Helke Ferrie's company, too. He was disciplined by the CPSO: http://www.cpso.on.ca/Publications/Discsum/1996/disc96.01.htm#Dr.%20Felix%20Ravikovich


    RAVIKOVICH, Felix, North York. In July 1995, the Discipline Committee found Dr. Ravikovich guilty of professional misconduct, in that he failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession in his diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions and asthma, and he misrepresented a remedy, treatment or device. The Committee ordered a recorded reprimand, and a three-month suspension of his certificate of registration, which will be suspended if Dr. Ravikovich undergoes an inspection of his practice. The Committee further imposed a restriction on Dr. Ravikovich's certificate of registration, prohibiting him from employing histamine for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in the practice of medicine, except for the utilization of histamine as a positive control in standard allergy skin testing. This prohibition is also not to apply to the employment of standard allergen extracts in accordance with the accepted standard of practice.

    The Holistic World Expo show is the brainchild of a Toronto and Ottawa based organization called the Provision Centre that promotes all sorts of bogus therapies. They provide would-be holistic health practitioners, no matter what their legitimacy, with a complete copy of the City of Toronto's By-law - Schedule 42. They also include the application form, too.

    Just take a look at some of the dangerous and bogus therapies that this group backs:

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