Leonard Horowitz and Valerie Saxion
at the University of Toronto

Lenny and Valerie together again

Hey U of T students and faculty
here's your chance to get involved!

Did you ever wonder why the University of Toronto would want to rent space to a speaker that is hell bent on the destruction of basic medical science, and replace it with crackpot theological rants, while at the same time he sells you products, books, and tapes from his travelling road show?

Lenny Horowitz has a knack for infiltrating college campuses to deliver his Messianic Jewish message to the young and impressionable masses. We don't know how he does it so well. But Canada is almost his second home, he married a Canadian.

Last year, with the thanks and support of the leading quackboosters in Canada, the Consumer Health Organization, a dental hygienist marketing group put together a full day seminar at Mohawk College. Some of us were there, and we paid about $127 for the day. We were treated to off the wall Apocalyptic theories about the origin of many diseases, and how God has created a certain structure ot water, and if you drink only this kind, that Lenny will gladly sell you, it will tune your DNA to the right frequency so that you will know exactly where you can send more money to Lenny and his friends. And don't forget the plot to kill Jews, gays, and Africans by the Royal Family, George Bush's father, Merck and the rest of the world. I wonder why they left Monika, or Regis off this list.

If anyone doubts anything that I am saying, I invite you to visit his own web site, and look around at his library, his products and supplements. Then search any Medline engine that you want and see if you can find any of his published papers.

At one time Horowitz had a non-profit educational structure with a 501(C)(4) status under U.S. law. However he relinquished that status when he moved to the isolated panhandle of Idaho in 1998. He said he did this under protest. I wonder if Lenny would be willing to show the world what really occured.

This guy is a salesman, just to be kind to him. He could be called a lot worse, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Hey, he has multiple professional degrees, and a really nice tan.

But the bottom line is this, he wants you to buy into his Messianic messages, to convert any Jew or non-believer into becoming a mindless automaton like him. He would like nothing better than if all of you folks would head out to Idaho with him and join the folks who live around Ruby Ridge. Remember, they don't use trigger locks out in the wild-wild, unimmunized panhandle of Idaho.

O.K. so he has every right to do this on a university campus. It's open to all.

But, wait a minute, what about looking at a few sources that don't have too many nice things to say about him, like Rubella Net:

Even Barbara Loe Fisher, who co-founded the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) as a resource center for parents whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines after her son suffered brain damage from a DPT shot, has not taken an anti-vaccinationist position, but merely urges that vaccination be voluntary with informed consent. Yet, even though Ms. Fisher is generally considered a legitimate player within the system, she has recently been demonized in the New Republic magazine by Arthur Allen by being lumped together with an outright anti-vaccinationists such as Dr. Len Horowitz.

The cover of the March 23, 1998 issue of the magazine shows a girl from the back and a doctor's hands; one hand holds out the girl's arm and in the other holds a syringe which points to her arm. The caption reads "This Won't Hurt a Bit ... So Why Are Conspiracy Theorists Attacking Childhood Vaccinations?" The article begins:

President Clinton's ongoing initiative to immunize every American child against infectious disease seems like the kind of safe-as-milk, baby-step health policy that everyone should love. The ultimate motherhood issue.

But Clinton, presumably, didn't consult Len Horowitz. A former dentist-turned-"healthcare motivational speaker," Horowitz is carving out a new niche in the history of the paranoid style in American politics. His message: The AIDS and Ebola epidemics resulted from the contamination-- possibly intentional--of common vaccines by the military-medico-industrial complex. The Rockefeller Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control, famed AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Gallo, and--yes--Henry Kissinger all figure in Horowitz's gallery of germ-warfare conspirators.

Horowitz, who apparently honed his expertise on such matters by drilling teeth in Gloucester, Massachusetts, has urged the government to stop immunizing children until independent researchers can determine if the shots are spreading disease.

So, Horowitz is welcomed by the administration of the University of Toronto without batting an eyelash. Unless a group promotes violence, racism or hate, they are welcome in any building on campus. But, to try to convince people to not immunize their kids, that's acceptable to the U of T's facilities management.

Horowitz uses Christianity as a guise to push his flock of paranoid victims into his frame of reference. In these links below, from the web site of a fundamentalist Christian osteopathic physician, Joseph Mercola:

Preface - Vaccinations prevent health

There is no more heated and vociferous debate today than the topic of vaccinations. Are they safe and effective? Are they dangerous to our health and immune depressing? Do vaccines cause cancer and mutations in our genetic cells? Are vaccines the way we should have health? Are vaccinations only a ploy to keep people sick and users of allopathic medications?

Many of these questions will be covered here, but vaccinations are a hot topic and this paper will raise more questions than it answers. The very minimum, we should seek truth with an open mind and a glad heart. We want to do what is right for our children’s health and we want them to grow strong and hearty. Therefore, we should put our trust in the God who made us and seek His truth.

Muddied issues like vaccines only make one miss the point - that we are created by a kind and loving God. David in Psalms 139:14 says that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and can rejoice at that fact for He made us and He made the foods that we need for our health and well-being.

Let no one distract you from your search of the truth about vaccinations. Parents need to become educated before vaccinations are given to your love ones. Reading only pro-vaccine literature from our doctor’s office and the public health service does not inform one about the adverse effects of vaccinations and the complications that may arise. While the medical literature is full of references to vaccines causing many neurological diseases and depressing the immunity, these facts are often glossed over when vaccinations are discussed. However, one must become informed to theses risks so that an educated risk assessment may be made. Is the risks of the disease greater than the risk from the vaccinations? I hope that this publication helps you decide this very important and heated topic today. Seek out the books in the references and check out the web sites for more in depth information and educate yourself before first before deciding about vaccinations.

There is a wide gap of truth and honesty between the pro-vaccine groups (most doctors, all vaccine manufacturers, (CDC, FDA, AMA, AAP, PHS and other medical/ government complexes) and the anti-vaccine groups (NVIC/DPT, Vaccine Research, Vaccination Alternatives, Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety (CPVS), Global Vaccine Awareness League (GVAL), Immunization Awareness Society (IAS), and many other interested groups of parents and concerned citizens.

The pro-side of the fence is lined with the people who profit from the sale of vaccines - the physicians, the vaccine makers, and the government, while the anti-side is lined with parents and people who suffered damaged by vaccinations. Yes, both sides are biased.

Read both sides of the arguments for and against vaccinations, then decide with an open mind and without being coerced or forced into a hasty decision at the end of a needle. As you study the vaccine issue, you will see that there are widely differing opinions, and both sides are supported by facts, research and studies. We have the most difficult decision of all ahead of us, deciding who we shall believe. By using the references to the citations listed in these sections, one can begin to see that there is a lot of research on vaccine damage and that vaccines - in fact - do cause many problems. Remember this is from the -generally pro-vaccine - medical literature.

I hope that this information helps you with that very important decision and to have a happy and long healthy life!

Lenny has many BIG TIME anti-vaccination supporters in Toronto, who may or may not share his Messianic Jewish tradition, or proselytizing. I've never been to one of her anti-vaccine pot luck $20 a head revival meetings on Thursday night, but one of them is Katrina Kulhay, a nutritionist and chiropractor. She's garnered support from some significant people in the media, I would assume based on her poise and speaking ability, not on the degree to which she debates the medical facts with others.

One of those supporters is none other than Marilyn Linton of the Toronto Sun who also lends her support to former psychiatrist turned chelation and anti-aging "specialist" Vincent DeMarco.

She's done such a great job giving them free publicity in her column and on the Canoe.ca web site that they use reprints of those articles to sell their facility to the public.

In fact, both Vincent and Katrina were speakers at a recent totally quacky health expo. I don't know if Marilyn showed up, there was so much to see and so much to write about. The grand scale of wacko science and mumbo jumbo that was there might have zapped her frontal lobes for good.

Why here - why now - and what can the University of Toronto do about it?

We feel that the medical ethics committee, the science faculty, and the Dean of Medicine at the University of Toronto should be taking a long hard look at Horowitz and Saxion, and why they really want to come to campus. It certainly isn't an academic exercise.

I suppose that if it's o.k. to host a tobacco celebration on campus then it must be kosher to host one of the world's foremost anti-vaccine cult leaders, and spiritual healers as well.

We'd like to know how this fine example of what James Randi would refer to as a Flim-Flam man, has been able to infiltrate Mohawk, and now the University of Toronto facilities to spread his rubbish, to sell his products to anyone who wanders in and pays the money to see him.

Ask yourself some questions, and then use your fingers and dial or e-mail the folks who may have some explaining to do.

  • Why is Canada's most prestigious university hosting this event?
  • Who is really behind it? Right now, no one seems to know.
  • We ask that everyone who sees this web page to call the number on the poster and see who answers the phone. Keep a record of what they say: 1-800-493-1146.
  • Get back to me with what you find out, please.

E-mail: HealthWatcher.net
  • Call Dr. David Naylor, the Dean of Medicine's office at: 416-978-6585 or fax his office at:416-978-1774
  • Dean Naylor's executive assistant is Kate Andrew's e-mail address: mailto:k.andrew@utoronto.ca
  • If anyone in the faculty of science, law, ethics, would like to form a committee to look into the matter of the U of T's role in helping to promote anti-scientific, paranoid ideas, while they enrich Len Horowitz and his friends, then let me know. I would be more than happy to fascilitate the sharing of ideas and thoughts in an intelligent discussion with your group.