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    Total Health 2000 - March 2000 - Toronto Convention Center

    Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse

    Guest Speaker Len Horowitz


    Dr. Horowitz is a Harvard graduate, he is an independent investigator and he is an internationally known authority on public health education. He has served on the faculties of both Tufts and Harvard Universities and has authored more than 120 published articles and 11 books including the best seller Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola. His most recent book, which is available in his booth, is Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Horowitz.

    Thank you. Thank you very much Patricia. This is not Coke. I wouldn't do that to my system. I just thought yesterday, I praised God, I just finished a 40 day fast, my first 40 day fast.

    Actually, what happened was that, a lot of you folks have followed my work a bit. I'm just going to briefly mention what the old work was about in a minute and then we'll go on to some of the new material.

    You've watched me evolve from somebody who just fell into a government cover-up with regard to the HIV/AIDS tragedy into somebody who began to do some real intense library research looking into the origins of AIDS and Ebola viruses, ultimately publishing the book based on a three year study which contains the United States government contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bio-engineered by the army's sixth top biological weapons contracting firm called Litton biomedics.

    That is in the book Emerging Viruses Aids and Ebola, nature, accident, or intentional, published in 1996. In 1997 the final edition came out. Because of folks like you, the book has become a best selling hardcover despite massive media suppression, main stream science suppression and avoidance and a conspiracy of silence to say the least.

    And so you've watched me go through that and I was really kind of like on the front line and there is other people that are really out there that we have to acknowledge who are on the front lines.

    Of course there is David Icke, folks love and appreciate his work. And there is Will Thomas who is going to be lecturing here. There's really a lot of good folks, there's Don Scott, who is lecturing here. There are wonderful people who are on the front lines of exposing health science government cover-ups and the illuminati and their connections.

    So that's basically, you have watched me evolve into that but what you haven't seen yet is that there has been a transformation taking place in my life. With this particular book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, and I must apologize to you, it's a long presentation, the video is four hours. They've given me 45 minutes to basically you know, summarize four hours of what this lecture really is and that is on this tape, the two cassette almost four hour program and it is on the video at our booth.

    We only have about 36 copies of them here so if you want them please get to the booth fairly rapidly and we'll send them to you. It's booth number 5, as you walk in the front door we're just a couple from the corner.

    In this next book, what you are going to realize is that I was divinely guided, literally, there was a fellow by the name of Dr. Joseph Pulio, and I'll get into that in a minute. He is a naturopathic physician. He is also a master herbalist. He is on the board of directors of the World Natural Health Organization.

    He has a good friend that he calls Yeshua, (Jesus). Actually he calls him Jeshua, by endearing name, I call him Yeshua because that is his true Hebrew name, and so ultimately because he was given divine revelations, bible codes that are extraordinary that I am going to mention and explain to you a little bit about today, he started to pray for something because he doesn't write well, he doesn't organize his material well, he doesn't lecture that well. But he is a great human being and he is a tremendously loving naturopath who, when you get sick in his practice. He invites you over, he cooks for you, you sit and you have dinner with his family and it's not just a three course meal, it's at least a seven, eight course meal and that's the kind of guy he is and he, after realizing that he had something profound that God wanted out, he started to pray.

    Now, at the time that he started to pray to meet me because he had read the book Emerging Viruses Aids and Ebola, he had gotten the video, he had also watched it, he had heard me also on the Art Bell show one night, so he said to Yeshua, to Jeshua, please bring me Dr. Len Horowitz, in prayer. Now, at the time that he was praying that prayer, I was praying to have the Achilles heel of the Illuminati.

    Because reflecting on bible stories, you know there is always the story of David and Goliath, you know that I love, and when you read the new book you'll understand why David, King David is so much endeared to my own heart. Ultimately, I was praying for the Achilles heel because there has got to be a place, a soft spot, that we can knock the oligarchy off and if you've heard me lecture in the past I've always said, I don't know what it is going to be, but in the very last days there will be something happen whereby Satan and his boys will have the carpet pulled from under them and we win in the end.

    Now, you've heard me say that in the past, if you've been following my work. We now know what is going to do it and in fact the game is over. I am honestly here to begin explain to you why it is that the game is over and we have already won and it's just a matter of time before the fat lady sings. O.K., so, yeah it's great new, it's tremendous news.

    Ultimately, why I went on a 40 day fast is because through this new totally exciting, uplifting, new revelations, new codes, that involve creation, destruction, miracles, healing, miraculous healings, including not only personal, but world. I was then so moved because we had our first what is called a healing celebration event, now if you don't have a healing celebrations flyer because first of all I want to acknowledge John and Libby Gardon for putting this whole event together. These are the directors of the Canadian Consumer Health Organization, who put this together every year and if you know them personally they are extremely loving human beings who are only in this because they understand what the illuminati have been doing to suppress true health care and self care, that is preventative medicine, and that they are totally dedicated as David Icke, as myself, as anyone else is on the front lines.

    They take the heat, and so please give John and Libby Gardon a warm thank you and that's why I'm here and that's why you're here and they are bringing me and they are bringing Dr. Valerie Saxion back on May 27, for a full day healing celebrations event and do not miss it. It will be probably the most moving, profoundly influential, uplifting experience of your entire life and that's why I'm fasting. What happened in Portland, we had our first event in Portland on, by the way, don't miss Dr. Saxion's presentation on oxygenation therapies.

    A lot of you want to know well, what are we going to do, what do we have to do now to prepare our temples of God, to withstand the current and coming plagues, well oxygenation and therapies that have been suppressed with regard to the use of oxygen is step four of a five day process that I go into in the tape Horowitz on Healing, and we are going to spend a lot more time in the healing celebrations event going into. I don't have time during this conference to go into it. The five steps, real quick, detox including fasting, deacidify, step two is deacidification, changing your body's chemistry. In the alkaline state it is far harder for the bacteria, viruses, funguses, cancer cells to take root and grow and take over your body and cause illness. Step three, after you have detoxed, you've cleaned your temple and you're now deacidified, now if you want to spend some money on vitamins and supplements and nutrients and the whole revolution and botanicals, wonderful.

    You want to buy your ______________you want to go get your olive leaf extracts, your grape seed extracts, fine. Then, now your body is ready to receive that blessing. O.K. before, if you haven't detoxed, and fasting is part of that, a major part of that, then you're not quite ready to throw your money out with nutritional supplements, in my opinion. Step four and five is oxygenation therapies and step five is bioelectric therapies, again, two amazing areas.

    Dr. Saxion this afternoon is going to talk about oxygenation, what I do and what I am going to share with you, is that don't miss that lady because she is a miracle worker.

    What we do in healing celebrations now, is that we integrate ancient scriptural bible knowledge for healing virtually resurrecting and promoting further the Yeshua's blessed healing ministry, which really is what Christianity is, and what we do besides that is because we've been blessed with the science, we integrate all the most advanced science in healing, particularly in regard to oxygenation and bioelectrics and sound and colour and light therapies and how the spoken word is so important, particularly in prayer, and how come you can depend on prayer and why you should give faith and trust to having miracles happen and we demystify it.

    And it is a foreign concept for non-believers. It is a foreign concept for people who have never been reared to appreciate that, the possibilities for creative manifestation through prayer.

    There are ultimately, I'll just tell you real quick, briefly, amazing revelations that we give you the science and physics and mathematics and genetics so that you totally understand the rationale behind it. That's important for people like me who are very left-brained, very rational, very logical, scientific.

    We're going to give you the science supporting miracles and very simply it begins as the holy child of God that you are with the recognition that you were created in the Father's image and every loving father would want to endow in their children all the blessings that they possibly can just like you as parents want to do with your children, and so when the Father created us, what he gave us was lips, to articulate special sounds, and he created that way, through the spoken word. That is intimately related to the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

    You're going to understand how come God used the word, because words are sounds, sounds are what?.....electromagnetic frequencies. What's that? Physics and mathematics, that's God's language, and the six tones, the six sounds that Dr. Pulio got from divine revelations, from the book of numbers, chapters 7 versus 12 to 83, that you don't need to have a computer to see.

    You don't have to have anything but your two eyes and a little bit of background to understand what the ancient Levite priests did when they translated the original Torah into the Greek Septuagint. From Hebrew to Greek and then instilled the verse numbers at the time that they began to get involved in occult and mysticism and then these secret societies that began to evolve even at that time, 3000 years ago, that they had a sacred arcana, a special sacred knowledge that presented tremendous power that they didn't want to give to the masses of people, because you see you empower people with knowledge. Then what happens is that they can take care of themselves. They can't be manipulated so well, you can't enslave them and so that's really part of the divine revelations of sound and words and frequency and God's technology for creation, destruction and miracles.

    So God said there will be life, my children, you folks, and I'm going to give you two lips, and like I create God said, through the spoken word, through sound electromagnetic frequencies, I am going to give you the same capacity and so what you simply do and Valerie Saxion, the most powerful person I've every met, who does this with the biggest, loving heart I've ever seen, she articulates in prayer and this is what you're all supposed to do.

    God simply says, and in particular when Christ was healing all those people, the Bible talks about that in the New Testament, he doesn't take the credit. He says, it is your faith, your trust, which heals you woman, or man.

    Your faith and trust in God, in fact the name Jesus is a complete misnomer; it is actually a Pagan name. In fact, there were no J's at the time that Jesus walked the planet. Yeshua, Yeshua, that's important, that name means God saves. That's right, God saves, and that's what Yeshua was saying that whole time.

    Again, linking real quick, oxygenation therapy and spiritual healing in God, do you know what God's name means< God's name is Yavaa in Hebrew, it's not even Yaway, it's Yavaa, you know what that means, it means that to breathe is to exist. To exist is to breathe, that's why many of the ancient names, you know the holy names, Abraham, Isiaha, my name in Hebrew is Aria, lion in English, Aria, had God in it, breathing.

    Of course God has a sense of humour too. More on oxygenation. You know how laughter is healing, well you know one of the things that causes that is that God wants praise. You know all he wants is you to love the father and praise him. Have trust and faith. Give me everything. Give my your problems, I will solve them. Just have faith and trust in me and I will come through for you. Well you know he has a sense of humour too. So what sound do you make when you laugh, Ha Ha. You're actually saying God God. And when you yawn what sound do you make? Ahhhhh. Do you ever notice when you yawn four or five people around you have to suddenly yawn? Do you ever wonder how comes that happens.

    Actually, it is happening, first of all God is kind of like contagious, you know, everyone wants a part. It's transmissible too, and it's electromagnetic frequency that is actually coming through and you're picking up on and you want a part of that. And even in terms of like when you have a real hard day, you lie in a bath, ahhhh God. But, he said don't ever forget my real name. Because the sound of the word creates an electromagnetic frequency that is powerful, it enters the Holy Spirit that is in modern scientific terms the electromagnetic matrix of creative potential.

    So God says you want to be procreators with me. I'd love that. I long for that. First of all don't ever forget my name, and we knew we no longer remember his real name is Yavaa, and Jesus' name is not Jesus. It's Yeshua, because the ahhhhh sound, it's like pranaa, the breath of life, It's like the asalamaham in Arabic, the aaaamm. It's a holy greeting, so in Hawaii it's Aloha. So God says you want to be co-creators, I want you to be my children.

    I want to have fun and play with you and see and witness all the joys just like you, as loving parents want to see from your children. Aren't you so proud when they do things. When they're nice and good and loving, it warms your heart.

    So God says here's the technology. I'm going to give you two lips to articulate the spoken word and you with faith and trust. And why do you have to have faith and trust in God? You see, it's because what relationship works without faith and trust? None. You're married. What happens if you lose faith and don't trust your partner anymore, that marriage is virtually over.

    What happens in a business contract? You lose faith and trust in your partner, that's a bad contract.

    Now God has a covenant that we talk about in Healing Celebrations. A covenant of promise is a covenant given to the Jews, just for being Jewish, for having that bloodline. That's the ancient covenant. Wasn't working too well if you read the Old Testament, Moses had his hands full. The Levite priest was having a problem. He couldn't get the people to comply. It was really hard doing all those sacrifices after every sin. So you know what? God said there's something wrong. We gotta do something. We're going to have to have another covenant, another contract, that's what the word means, covenant is contract.

    Actually, it comes from the word berit, berit in Hebrew means to cut, implies the shedding of blood. So the blood covenant came next for the Christians. That is even a false name.

    The Christians are really the Jews who acknowledged that Jesus was the Messiah and they saw the miracles that he produced. Now I know that is politically incorrect if your Jewish. You know I'm Jewish, I'm very proud of my Jewish heritage. I'm a messianic Jew however. That means I'm a Christian Jew. To the Christian's that means that I am a completed Jew. To the Jew's I'm a traitor. That's only because of ignorance. I mean massive ignorance.

    The fact of the matter is that it was heavy duty politics and I read, if you know what bible I read, it's not King James. We exposed King James and his boys. King James by the way was the highest level Knight Templar. Chapter three in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse goes into the fact that the highest mites templer in the 16th century, you know late 1500's was King James and you know his was a secret society. At the time it was called The Parade Desion actually it was traced back to the 1100's and now what happens is that you see that the King James Version of the bible gets infiltrated with even anti-semitic aspects. The Jews agree with that.

    So ultimately what I read is the complete Jewish bible. Directly translated, beautifully translated from the original Hebrew.

    Ultimately here is the technology God gave us. He said I want you to be co-creators so you've got two lips. All you need to do is have faith and trust in me. That secures our covenant and our relationship. Then you articulate with your spoken word with prayer, your words, the lips which form the electromagnetic frequencies of sound which then enters into the electromagnetic matrix of creative potential, that physics has determined exists, that Christianity and Judaism calls the Holy Spirit of the Rah _______.

    The Holy Spirit, and that miracles, you can already count on it. That is the covenant. That is the two covenants. That is the two contracts that God has given us. Now there are elements and there are people. In fact, remember when Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is near. He didn't mean that it was not far off in the distance. He means it is right here, right now.

    It is the electromagnetic matrix field which is surrounding us and that we have the creative potential to manifest out of and so that's your feet firmly planted in the kingdom of Heaven and have miracles happen for you every moment. That's what life is really about because you are a holy child of God.

    Instilled by the Father with a creative potential for miracles included. There are people who don't want you to know who you are and then what happens is that they use things like fear, intimidation, coercion.

    They separate and divide you like sheep. Ba Ba. The sheeple. They separate the sheep. They separate Jews from Gentiles, Christians from Muslims, black from white, rich from poor, liberals from conservative, communists versus socialist versus capitalist and all the time it's the same oligarchy of the illuminati in the background pulling the strings on all the puppet politicians that they give us a chance to vote for in this thing that they call democracy. It's actually corporate fascism masquerading in discuss now on an international basis.

    So you see, who you are is a total God child who has the potential to create miracles in your own lives and you now what this is a celebration and that's why we started to get into celebrations. And I want you to know what happened, way back, why I fasted for 40 days is because on the 4th and 5th of February we held our first healing celebrations event in Portland, Oregon, and 95 per cent of me had 95 per cent of faith and trust in God, that God can produce miracles and that I been chosen to help facilitate that. I wasn't all there, I wasn't 100 per cent.

    But I witnessed a tumor the size of an orange dissolve under Valerie Saxon's hands. A miracle tumor. And a little story about that, the woman, Jo, had so much faith and trust and her back was against the wall. She needed a miracle. She had a thyroid goiter the size of an orange sticking out the side of her neck that because her pulse rate was 138 it made her inoperable according to for the surgeons she was a cardiac arrest victim waiting to happen. So they couldn't surgically remove it. We'll have to give you radiation therapy, next week you're scheduled, and then you'll be on chemotherapy and even that wouldn't necessarily extend your life expectancy.

    So she told her husband that she wanted to come to the healing celebrations event. Now this was our first one, and her husband, he didn't know anything. He thought what normal people think they're scam artists, don't waste your money, you're not going to get any help. But, this woman had so much faith and trust she drove from Wyoming, by herself in her car, to Portland, Oregon and she was the third person that got in line, there was about 170 people in the room. I was the catcher.

    You know, when people fall out in the Holy Spirit, you know you just need someone to catch them. I was the catcher and I was the co-prayer. I had my left hand at the back of the woman's neck; I had my right hand down at her spine.

    She, Valerie, who is the director, because Valerie comes from the Kenneth Copplin ministry school and the apostles and the book of Acts where she believes she can raise Lazareth, Lazarus. You know she believes she can raise the dead.

    I mean, you have that much faith and trust. What does Christ say? Yeshua says, as little faith and trust as a mustard seed you can move mountains. So Valerie is there with her huge loving heart in front of this woman holding her hands and her face and this woman started all of sudden started to go, ioehjvmoeuseirje, started to speak in tongues, never spoke in tongues before. Half a minute later Valerie moved her hands down the woman's neck. Her left hand like made a cup around this tumor.

    Just then my hand, my left hand started to get hot, sweat beaded up on my palm on the back of this woman's neck. Just then Valerie says her hands got really red hot and this woman goes, Oh, oh, oh, it's gone, it's gone, and she started crying and screaming and celebrating and Valerie felt this tumor go whoosh, gone, gone, and I witnessed that.

    And I don't care who you are if you are there when this happens you're life is changed forever. And I felt so blown out and humbled by it that I felt inadequate to be a servant of God to perform these miracles and I simply prayed, I said Lord, I don't feel up to this task, I said that you need to tell me what to do to make myself a more worthy vessel for you in this new work because I'm not there yet,.

    And I heard him really clearly say to me, Len, do a 40 day fast. I just got done last night. Yeah, it's a great blessing. That's my evolution you see.

    You see that's where the Lord is taking me now, and people ask me all the time, how come they haven't knocked you off? How come they haven't killed you for what you tell? The truth of that is a couple of reasons. I mean I went through a series of things, a number of things. One was the fact that all that they could do was martyr me. They had already lost out when I published Emerging Viruses Aids and Ebola, published the most incriminating documents.

    If they made me a martyr then what happens is that they would make a best selling book even a bigger seller. So that wouldn't work for them, and then what we had over the years is that we had tens of thousands of people starting to pray for us for protection.

    So, you know some of the miracles that have been taking place in my life because again the tower of prayer, how God is literally using people, and here is the great celebration. It's not just me.

    There's nothing special about me, honestly. I almost got left back in third grade, honestly. See, God likes a willing subject. He wants a person with a willing heart to be used. That's all that I am. So, the fact is that this is a time of celebration. I'm going to prove it to you right now and I used to tell this story during Emerging Viruses presentations.

    The fact is that every prophet who blessed the face of this planet said that there would be a time when the great plague struck, that that would herald also they said the messianic age. Now, clearly with the vaccine issues and I'm going to be speaking tomorrow morning on the vaccine issues. If you have any questions about vaccines, please don't miss tomorrows presentation, and particularly get the audiotape. It's a 90 minute audiotape called Horowitz on vaccines. It's excellent. It has saved thousands of lives. It's at our booth right now.

    So, the fact is that we have had the documentation and on top of that we have had the prayer and that in the new material, particularly the Healing Celebrations event. I mean the other day, I'm going to relay a story in greater detail, but the other day, my daughter, my seven year old little beautiful daughter was involved in a car accident. Can you imagine driving on the interstate doing 60 miles an hour getting hit by not one, not two, but three 18 wheelers in a mid-size car, and we came out virtually unscathed and the purpose of it was directly out of the book of Job. You see, God doesn't create disease. God does not create problems. God will take his protective hand off of you if you need to learn a lesson and then allow Satan to come in and do his dirty work, and the great destroyer, the great liar, the great thief will come and steal and kill and that's what God does. So I'm going to relay a story about that, but that's part of the reason why I'm still here, because I'm not done yet.

    Now, again, let's talk about prayer. Where I was going with the vaccine issue is the fact that the vaccines are related to many illness, including current and coming plagues and the prophets who have blessed this planet said that there would be a time when the great plague struck. That would herald the Messianic age and the plagues are striking. Guarantee you.

    Watch this if you don't believe that the great plagues are here now. Raise your hand if you have had friends and family in the past x amount of time, particularly the last few years, who have sustained one or more of contaminated vaccine injuries, these include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, ALS or Lou Gehring's disease, chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis, adult and juvenile type I diabetes, Guillan Barré, Crohn's disease.

    Then there is the childhood injuries, these chronic draining ear infections that seem to not quit even through antibiotic misuse. Then you have the autism, attention deficit, hyperactive disorders, sudden infant death, now confused with "a new syndrome called shaken baby syndrome" an invented syndrome to cover up iatragenic illness, disease and death and so no you've got cancers, lymphoma, leukemia, sarcoma, AIDS. Now that's the short list.

    Raise your hand if you've had friends or family who developed one or more of those illnesses. I didn't mention, asthma, allergies, hay fever, those have been linked to vaccines. O.K. now you're looking at at least 80 to 90 per cent of the audience with their hands raised.

    So, the time of the great plagues are here that the profits prophesized about. But they also promised us that this was going to be a great time for celebration for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the truth. That's a minority. You are a minority sitting in this room today. But you know what, you're are going to be very happy to know that you are among the chosen. What this if you don't believe that this is happening.

    Raise your hands if over the past, oh particularly six months a year, you have felt an extraordinary increase of your spiritual sensitivities, of your synchronicities of experiences whereby you are thinking of something or someone, you are working on special projects and suddenly like miraculously they come into your lives and little miracles and big miracles alike are happened for you and when they do you simply think, God I appreciate that.

    Keep that flow going. Raise your hands, you know what I'm talking about, it's happened to you. Now, look around, be proud, keep your hands up, you've now got to be looking at at least, wow that's a low number, 40 to 50 per cent of the room with their hands raised, that is disgraceful. The lowest I've seen was in Paris, France. It was 15 per cent. 15 per cent. Principal reason if you happen to mention God in a public forum you are immediately labeled a cult leader.

    They don't talk about, acknowledge, praise God, ever in public in France; thus people are shut off from the electromagnetic articulation of the loving relationship so they get cut off from the miracles. So, typically it is 65 to 70 per cent throughout the United States today. This is an interesting bit of data for my banks. Black people, you ask the same question to Christian blacks in the South, you get about 90 to 95 per cent of hands going up. Those people are in the flow.

    What does it say in the bible, the meek shall inherit the earth. Who better than those who have known persecution far better than most of us at least in this century. And then, this is uncomfortable for Christians and Jews to admit or acknowledge as a possibility but you see the nation of Islam has also been labeled just like everyone has been labeled, you know I love the labels they give the different people so that they can divide further the sheep or continue to conquer the flock. But you see the nation of Islam has been demonized and I lecture frequently for that group, they love me they think that I'm a hero for exposing what Minister __________ had been talking about, the American government conducting genocide through contaminated vaccines on the people. So, in that group, that question illicits about an 98 per cent audience report.

    How do you reconcile that as a Christian or as Jew? So it is not about whether you're Muslim, Christian, Jew. It is not the Muslims or the Arabs who are causing the problems in the world and OPEC creating the oil shortages so that the gas prices go up.

    It's not the Jews who are behind a New World order. It's not a Jewish conspiracy and it's not the Christians we can condemn or the Jews for killing Jesus. All this is hogwash.

    Ultimately, what people don't want you to know is how to live in life with each other. Pure and simple. That is a potential that you have.

    To dramatically experience miracles out of that miracle matrix, the Holy Spirit, the electromagnetic matrix, because in that, with your feet firmly planted in that holy kingdom. There is no disease. It is so powerful that disease cannot exist in that power. It is pure love.

    It is only loving creative potential for massive healing and that is where the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse leave you. You spend the first six chapters of the book getting the revelations that are documented in the two books most people have in their library, the holy bible, and the Webster's Dictionary. Webster's is also encoded.

    Webster had high level connections to the Freemasons, the secret societies, based the Webster's dictionary based on the bible. He knew it was encoded so he created another series of codes in Webster's dictionary and so you go through that. And of course six chapters ultimately for practical application for those of you who want to practice or study herbs and have been empowered creating new formulas.

    We have added some very wonderful new pieces that again needs experimentation but is profound based on these new revelations. How to formulate herbs in a new manner. That's the first six chapters.

    The second six chapters deal with the most horrific, the most horrific advanced method used to develop NK ultra, and with all the concerns regarding the market of these. We go into a new thesis regarding Jakob-Creutzfeld Disease in humans and mad cow disease in cows. Real quick it is caused by protein crystal prions. Crystals are electromagnetic receivers and transmitters. In the book we show you that the fact that NK ultra, you know Cameron from the Montreal clinic, outside Montreal where they were doing CIA mind control experiments, you see the purpose of NK ultra, we show you the documentation right from congressional records, was to ultimately control not only mind and behaviour, but depopulate as well, and we show you the documentation that they were specifically looking for crystalline structures that are associated with fungal infections, not mad cow disease in cows allegedly from sheep brain.

    Remember, they told us the cows ate sheep brains? All that is garbage. We expose that.

    We tell you what the truth is. Ultimately we are left with realizing that most of us today have, because we have all eaten from Babylon's harvest, therefore likely most of us have the prion crystals, potential electromagnetic receivers and transmitters, a virtual mark of the beast implanted in our brains right now.

    There is only one power in the university that has the capacity to overcome the powers the influence that crystal. I am talking about project HARP. The electromagnetic transmitters in Alaska, it's sister in Europe, ISCAT, we go through that. Ultimately there is only one power and that is the Holy Spirit, that is God's power. Where the book leaves you, is the, not let's say a theoretical sense, you're shocked with documentation that says to you it's time to get with God or you're a goner. That's the prophecy I give you today, it's the warning, encouragement out of love that I give you. Thank you for being here. God bless.