Date: 2 Jul 1999 
From: "Patrick Bramwell-Wesley" 

The attached has gone off to the Federal Minister of Justice. I
hope we can get plenty of letters in to her.


From: Patrick Bramwell-Wesley 
Subject: Death of Tyrell Dueck
Date: July 2, 1999 11:17 AM

Dear Madam Minister:

The death of Tyrell Dueck, a minor, as a direct result of his
parents' refusal to allow accepted and scientifically-established
therapy to be given in a timely fashion is a case that should be
investigated by the RCMP. It is my opinion that this boy died as a
result of, at a minimum, negligence and failure to provide the
necessary medical care.

How many more of Canada's children will be killed by quackery,
fake medicine, and profiteering American companies such as
American Biologics, who purported to treat Tyrell Dueck?

The misplaced sense of personal freedom that allowed this tragedy
must surely be weighed against the social and moral costs of
continuing and needless deaths.

I urge you, as Federal Minister of Justice, to bring forward
amendments to the laws of Canada that will prevent the sacrifice
of children on the altars of parental choice and fraudulent
medical care.

Yours Faithfully,

Patrick Bramwell-Wesley
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