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  • Applied Kinesiology- Muscle testing gone mad

    Chiropractic and other sites that tries to explain it - maybe?

    • More AK and N.E.T. - from ChiroWatch.com

    • Applied Kinesiolgy - Acupuncture Canada - The Natural Health Domain - A volunteer extends one arm out to the side, holding it firmly in place. The facilitator presses on the arm to establish a benchmark for the volunteer’s strength. The volunteer says "My name is …." And completes the sentence with his own name. When the facilitator tries to depress the volunteer’s arm while he is making this truthful statement about who he is, the volunteer’s arm typically remains strong and steady. However, when he is asked to continue holding his arm out, steady and strong, and to use a different name, saying "My name is Santa Claus," or "Ernie," it usually will be easy to depress his arm. The body is registering that he is saying an untruth, as evidenced by the weakened muscles. This demonstrates how muscle testing reflects a truth in the conscious mind. It is also possible to use muscle testing to access the beliefs, stored feelings, and the associated blocks hidden within the body/mind system.

    • Manual Kinesiology - the Swedish accent to a Grosse Pointe quack. If you don't have 96 hours and speak like they do, you won't understand a thing. Come to think of it, even if you did, you wouldn't understand a thing either.
    • Kinesiology Net - Another Swedish web site for kinesiologic medicine, applied kinesiology, specialized kinesiology and manual muscle testing. (It's here folks, everything including the kitchen sink's problems can be diagnosed by these kooks, and then some. If you need a plumber to unclog your toilet, you might call one of them. They have lots of experience generating bodily waste products at the same time they and their friends who practice AK drain your pockets with their quack claims.)

    Debunkers of AK

    • A Christian perspective - When tested scientifically, practitioners are found to be no more accurate than random guessing, and researchers are left with no physical model to explain how the system works even if it did. If there is no legitimate physical explanation as to how undigested (and in some cases unopened) vitamins can instantly strengthen the arm muscles, than one is only left with a psychic, spiritual, or psychosomatic explanation. Faithful clients of applied kinesiologists often counter that these vitamins and herbs are good for them. The truth is that products sold by applied kinesiologists may or may not be heathy and beneficial but pulling ones finger, or arm (or leg??) is not a legitimate way to differentiate.
    • NCAHF - Reality check - Claims made by practioners of Applied Kinesiology have never been verified by objective research or scientific evidence. Again, this is due to the fact that it is not a scientifically based practice. Claims are supported only with testimonials.
    • Nutrition Quackery - Ellen Coleman - Nutrition quacks promote false and/or unproven nutrition products or services for a profit. Quacks can be sincere and misguided individuals, as well as charlatans and frauds. Quackery is successful because we want to believe in something "magical" that can improve performance more than hard training or a prudent diet.
    • Complete hoax and it can kill - AK has been associated with a number of cases of serious harm. The technique was used by a clinical ecologist to tell a mother that her children were not allergic to peanuts with the result that when given peanut butter their allergic reactions nearly killed them. AK was used by an Arizona chiropractor to assure a patient that she did not have cancer. She subsequently died due to lack of treatment.
    • Applied Kinesiology: Muscle-Testing for "Allergies" and "Nutrient Deficiencies" - Stephen Barrett, M.D. - Most practitioners are chiropractors, but naturopaths, medical doctors, dentists, bogus nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists, nurse practitioners, and multilevel distributors (most notably for Nature's Sunshine) are also involved. In 1991, 37.2% of 4,835 full-time chiropractors who responded to a survey by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners said they used AK in their practice.

    If you chiropractor uses AK to sell you vitamins, then you might want to find another chiropractor, and call the College of Chiropractors of Ontario at 416-922-6355; or fax them at 416-925-9610. Or, you can e-mail them directly from here. Then call OHIP to see if the taxpayers of Ontario are footing the bill for this nonsense.

    • But on the other hand, if a health food store owner tries this quackery on you, and charges you $65 and then splits the fee with your hair dresser, or esthetician, then go buy your groceries at Zehr's or the IGA. Then call the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.
    • If you received an assessment by anyone and were given a diagnosis, and that diagnosis was made in error, you probably have a substantial case against them in a court of law.
    • Only licensed health care practitioners in Ontario are allowed to diagnose and treat patients. Just because someone wears a white coat, has a stethoscope around their necks, and attaches you to an electronic meter or device doesn't make it kosher. They may be committing a criminal act, and you may pay for it with your life.
    • For more on chiropractors you may want to see the rest of this site.
    • Not all chiropractors practice this quackery, and there are even some licensed or formerly licensed MDs who still do. Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware.


    If you have a story to tell about a quack doctor or therapist in your area, please let us know. If there's a product you see advertised to help you be "more healthy", or perhaps a cure for cancer, send it to us immediately. The government will, as usual, just sit on it and do nothing for months.

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