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Churchill Livingston


PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness Is

                     Corrupting Medicine

Excellent book review

A doctor argues that affirmative action and ignoramous patient's organizations are ruining American health care.


Healing or Stealing? Medical Charlatans Healing or Stealing?
Medical Charlatans
in the
New Age

Jean-Marie Abgrall

Algora Publishing



Martin Gardner

W. W. Norton


From the Wandering Jew to William F. Buckley, Jr.



Dr. Bob McCoy

Santa Monica Press


Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud

Alternative Medicine Books

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Help yourself to hundreds of books on alternative medicine from our selection of fine books.

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If you want to know the facts about herbal agents,
not the folklore, this is THE book to get.
This 1999 edition has it all. Written by two pharmacists with broad training and insite into herbal medicine.

cover The PDR Family Guide to Natural Medicines and Healing Therapies

This is PDR's first edition of the Family Guide to Natural Medicines and Healing Therapies. For objective reports on what works, what doesn't work, and what's harmful about going to an alternative medical guru or clinic, you can't beat the PDR's team of experts.

The HealthWatcher Bookstores Online help support public education in areas of medicine, alternative healthcare that are often ignored by bookstores. If you are confused about the issues, come to HealthWatcher for a great selection of books and tapes, on the subjects you want. Please feel free to make suggestions to us.

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Fundamentals of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Fundamentals of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

C. Everett Koop
Marc S. Micozzi

Churchill Livingston series
The Alternative Medicine Ratings Guide

Steven Bratman

Prima Health
1999 Edition

Natural Medicines
Comprehensive Database

Jeff M. Jellin Pharm.D.

Therapeutic Research Faculty

cover The Alternative Medicine Sourcebook
A Realistic Evaluation of Alternative Healing Methods

Steven Bratman

Lowell House


The Health Robbers:
A Close Look at
Quackery in America

Steven Barrett
William Jarvis
Ann Landers




The Unofficial Guide to Alternative Medicine

Macmillan Publishing Company Staff

Macmillan Publishing

coverComplementary & Alternative Medicine:
Legal Boundaries &
Regulatory Perspectives

Michael H. Cohen

Johns Hopkins
University Press

cover Alternative Medicine :
Is It for You?

Kathiann M. Kowalski

Enslow Publishers

Buy Popular Nutritional Practices NOW at Popular Nutritional Practices
A Scientific Appraisal

Jack Z Yetiv, M.D., PhD

Popular Medicine Press

Mosby's Conventional Medicine Mosby's Conventional Medicine, Alternative Medicine

Beachwood Healthbooks

cover A Consumer's Guide
to Alternative Medicine:

A Close Look at Homeopathy, Acupuncture,
Faith-Healing &
Other Unconventional Treatments

Kurt Butler
Stephen Barrett

Prometheus Books

Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine
Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine:

A Guide to Complementary & Integrative Healthcare

Mary Morton
Michael Morton
Joan Borysenko
Bernie Siegel Victor Herbert

New World Library

Alternative Medicine and Ethics

James M. Humber
Robert F. Almeder

Humana Press

Buy this book NOW

Skeptics Guide to Alternative Medicine
The Holistic Approach to Well Being

Carlos A. Bonilla
Joyce L. Goss
Carlos A. Bonilla
Wesley King

I C A Publishing

Please buy me NOW Professions and the Public Interest :
Medical Power, Altruism
& Alternative Medicine

Mike Saks

As its title suggests, this book provides a sociologist's perspective on "healers...practising...outside the boundaries of conventional medicine". Easthope's narrative reports from the field enliven his analysis, which provides a social context for understanding the appeal and varying 'effectiveness' of both unorthodox and orthodox healers. The resulting book, concise and readable, contains much of interest from a general-semantics perspective.
Reviewed by Bruce I. Kodish, P.T., Ph.D. 1998*

Routledge, Chapman & Hall

Shop Now Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing

The Trick Is to Know the Difference

George A. Ulett

Although alternative medicine is now studied seriously in The National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School, questions of efficacy and practitioner motivation still cloud the topic. Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing attempts to give a balanced picture of the New Age healing movement and sorts out which treatments should be approached with caution or avoided, and which might be useful as complements to traditional medicine. Dr. Ulett was one of the first American physicians to study in China and Japan, and pioneered the use of acupuncture in this country. His long interest in holistic healing reflects an open-mindedness to other ways of treating and an interest in healing both body and spirit. Dr. Ulett is a past Director of the Missouri Department of Mental Health. He currently has a private practice in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychiatry.

Warren H. Green

Find Anything Healthsmarts:
How to Spot the Quacks

Avoid the Nonsense...
Get the Facts
That Affect your Health

John Renner and Lewis Vaughn

HealthFacts Publishing

Prices you'll like Healers & Alternative Medicine:
A Sociological Examination of Alternative Medicine

Gary Easthope

Book Review

Gower Publishing

Professional books

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